Andy Cohen Gets Candid About Ex-Boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao

Andy Cohen.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Andy Cohen talks about his ex.

Andy Cohen isn’t usually one to share too many details of his personal life. However, on the May 30, 2023, episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, he did open up about his relationship with Clifton Dassuncao.

“I haven’t had a lot of long-term relationships,” Cohen admitted to podcast host Amanda Hirsch. “And my last relationship, it was a few years, and it was, maybe ended five years ago. And I kept it under wraps and then a friend of mine posted a group photo of all of us on some boat together and tagged my ex. And the Daily Mail saw it and then did like, Instagram journalism and figured out that he and I had been in the same places a lot and they busted him wide open,” Cohen continued.

Indeed, in March 2016, the Daily Mail reported that Cohen was dating Dassuncao, who was a Ph.D student at Harvard University at the time, after the two had been seen together in photos on social media. The two split sometime in late 2017, early 2018. According to LinkedIn, Dassuncao works as an epidemiologist and board certified toxicologist and is based in New York.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Says He Kept His Romance With Clifton Dassuncao Private Out of Respect for Him

When Cohen was dating Dassuncao, he says that he kept things private because that’s what Dassuncao wanted. In fact, Cohen said that when the Daily Mail posted about the former couple’s relationship for the first time, it was tough on Dassuncao because he hadn’t even come out to his own father at that time.

Cohen says that if he did date someone who was open to sharing their relationship on social media, he would “absolutely” share that part of his life with his fans.

After Cohen and Dassuncao broke things off, Cohen went on to date John Hill. Things didn’t work out between the two, however, and Cohen has said that they were “in different places” in their lives. The two have remained friends despite their split.

Cohen hasn’t gone public with any other relationships since splitting with Hill, however. And while fans really want him to date his best friend Anderson Cooper, Cohen says their relationship is strictly platonic.

“I just think it’s not what our relationship is based on. We’re just friends; that’s not a part of it. I think, at this point, we know each other too well. We’re not attracted to each other in that way,” Cohen told Howard Stern in January 2022.

Andy Cohen Is Ready to Find Someone to Settle Down With

Cohen has been single for a while and has been focused on raising his two kids, Ben and Lucy, but he has said that he’s like to find his person and to settle down.

In May 2023, Cohen told CBS This Morning that he’d love to get married.

“Not only do I love love, but how fun would my wedding be?” Cohen said. In his interview with Hirsch, Cohen said that he’s on both Raya and Tinder. However, he’s really looking for something a bit more serious — and someone he can introduce to his kids.

“I’ve had some dates, but it’s gotten—in my mind—more emotionally chaotic…because I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m not only dating someone, but obviously there’s going to be a point where I’m like, I want you to meet my kids,'” Cohen said on another episode of “The Howard Stern Show” in 2022.

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