Andy Cohen Called Out During ‘Awkward’ Interview

Andy Cohen

Getty Images Andy Cohen had an awkward moment during an interview.

Andy Cohen was called out during an interview after he failed to remember previously meeting the Duchess of Sussex — twice.

The Bravo star and executive producer sat down with Meghan Markle for a chat on her “Archetypes” podcast, and when he said it was “nice to meet” her, she let him know that the two had actually met in the past.

“It’s good to see you. I’ve met you before. You’ll never remember it,” Markle responded.

“You’re kidding,” Cohen said, sounding genuinely surprised.

“Would I joke about that? This is great,” Markle said. “Just brace yourself.”

“This is going to ruin my day,” Cohen said, but Markle assured him that it wouldn’t.

The duchess went on to tell Cohen about the two times that she met him in the past — she even attending a taping of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Markle Said She Was a ‘Huge’ Fan of Cohen

Before Markle was married to Prince Harry, she lived in California and worked as an actress.

“I met you twice,” Markle told Cohen, who gasped at the share. She went on to say that she met Cohen before “Suits” was on television.

“There was some sort of event for USA and Bravo. It was at the SLS Hotel,” she said. “And I was such a huge fan.”

“Oh no,” Cohen responded, dreading what she would say next. “And I ruined it. What did I do?”

Markle said she went up to Cohen and was “gushing” and he responded with “uhha.”

“It’s okay. I was still a huge, huge fan,” she said, before detailing her second encounter with Cohen, which happened in New York a couple of years later.

“I was so eager to be on your show because I was such a ‘Housewives’ fan at the time,” Markle recalled. Although she couldn’t get booked on “Watch What Happens Live,” she did go to a taping.

Cohen Found Markle’s Recollection ‘Interesting’

Markle said that she “didn’t want to embarrass” Cohen, but enjoyed taking a “trip down memory lane.” While the duchess may have gotten a kick out of it, Cohen brought it up on his SixiusXM radio show “Andy Cohen Live.”

“I understand why she would want to throw that in my face, basically,” Cohen said. “I understand, you know, you never forget how you were treated. You’re still the same person – she’s still Meghan Markle.”

Cohen admitted that not having Markle on WWHL was a huge mistake.

“I just have to say, I get why she left that in. I thought that was so interesting. First of all, you never know who you meet in a day, but listen, I didn’t become a duchess obviously, but I became an old queen talk show host,” he said on Radio Andy.

“And when I was a young queen I remember meeting people who were whatever, so I just think it’s interesting. It’s really interesting,” he added. He went on to praise Markle for bringing up the previous meetings, calling those moments “compelling” and “awkward.”

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