Andy Cohen Wears Jorts, Has Long, Curly Hair in ‘Epic’ Then vs Now Pics

Andy Cohen

Getty Images Andy Cohen then and now photos shared online.

Most Bravo fans know Andy Cohen from his time hosting various shows over the years, from “Flipping Out” to “Watch What Happens Live.” Cohen has several producer credits to his name as well, and has hosted several Bravo reunion shows over the years.

The father of two is usually wearing a suit when he’s in front of the camera, and while he has grown facial hair from time to time, he’s usually clean shaven and keeps his salt and pepper hair short.

Given this, it’s understandable that fans would be surprised to see an old photo of Cohen from the 90s surfaced in a side-by-side on the Bravo Then vs. Now Instagram feed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Couldn’t Get Over How Much Cohen Has Changed Over the Years

Cohen’s photo from the 90s saw him rocking a pair of ripped jorts along with a vest without a shirt on underneath. The low cut front of the vest had Cohen showing off his chest hairs as he posed for the pic, one hand in his pocket.

Of course, his long, curly hair was the most talked about aspect of the look, many fans comparing him to Fabio.

It didn’t take long for the comments section of the “then vs now” post to fill up, fans unable to believe how much Cohen has changed since the beginning of his career in the entertainment business.

“Omg I am done,” one person wrote, adding a few crying with laughter emoji.

“Omg @bravoandy THIS. IS. EPIC,” someone else said.

“Omg wow!!! I thought you were slash,” a third comment read.

“Then & Now – Andy is handsome and got swag,” a fourth person added.

“The outfit is giving Tobias Fünke, but I’m here for the curls,” another Instagram user said.

Cohen Had His Hair Cut on Television in the 90s

Cohen sported long hair for quite a few years. In fact, on May 14, 2020, he shared a throwback photo of himself with long hair — and no clothes — as he posed with a lion statue in front of the New York library.

“Taking it back to 1994 when @spencertunick got me to pose naked in front of the NY Public Library at 6 am on a Saturday!” Cohen captioned the photo. Fans took to the comments section of the post to react.

“I love it! You’re a BEAST! ROOOAR,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Outstanding pic. Love the hair too,” someone else added.

“You could have played @sternshow body double in Private Parts,” a third person suggested.

“You still look as handsome now as you did back then… In other words, it’s time to repeat this photo today!” a fourth social media user commented.

Back in 1994, Cohen agreed to have his haircut while on live TV.

“I had long hair, that’s my makeover!” Cohen said when the old footage aired on CBS News in 2012, according to Bravo. “I had my ponytail cut off on the morning show. I had had this ponytail for so long,” he explained.

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