Andy Cohen Reveals the Surprising Thing His Son Ben Said To Him

Andy Cohen

Bravo Andy Cohen's son surprised him.

Andy Cohen is a single father to a 4-year-old son, Ben. In April 2022, the “Watch What Happens Live” host welcomed his baby girl, Lucy Eve, via surrogate.

In his book, “The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up,” Cohen detailed a year in his life as a single, working dad, and he shared plenty of anecdotes about Ben and how cute he can be. The “Watch What Happens Live” host also shared stories about his own dating life, and it’s that latter topic that sparked a surprising comment from Ben that caught Cohen off guard.

In a May 2023 interview with People, Cohen, 54, revealed, “[Ben] says to me, ‘I want another daddy.'”

Andy Cohen Revealed What He Said to His Son Ben

Cohen has not been in a serious romantic relationship since becoming a father, and he has admitted that being single never deterred him from wanting to start a family. “I just thought, ‘I wanna do this. And I’m doing it. And I know it’s gonna be really hard, and I don’t know what that actually means,’” he told CBS News in an interview.

But he added that the birth of Lucy did make him realize, “Wow. I have two kids. I’m doing this alone.'”

So after Ben told him he wanted a second dad, Cohen revealed what he said to him. “[I said] Well, maybe I’ll fall in love one day, and you will have another daddy,’” Cohen revealed to People. He noted that it felt “great” that Ben knows that there are all kinds of families.

“I was surprised when he said, ‘I want another dad,’” Cohen added. “I was like, ‘Isn’t that interesting that he knew that it would be another dad?’ and that he didn’t say, ‘I want a mom. I want you to get a mom.'”

Cohen added that Ben is aware of “the whole spectrum” when it comes to same-sex and opposite-sex parents. “He knows that some kids have one dad, some kids have two dads, some kids have two moms. Some kids have a mom and a dad,” the Bravo host said.

Cohen has joked about finding a partner to “help” him and said he is open to marriage. He has also been vocal about the fact that he is on several dating apps.

Andy Cohen Has Admitted That it is Hard Being His Kids’ “Everything”

While he does employ help to care for his children, Cohen has said that he does not have a live-in nanny anymore. That means Ben and Lucy’s morning and bedtime routines are usually on him.

“I don’t want someone to live in my house,” he told The New Yorker in February 2023. “When I get in my bed at night, I want to be in my place alone with the kids. I had a baby nurse who lived with me, with Ben and then with Lucy, and then she left.”

In the CBS News interview, Cohen revealed that he sometimes worries about being the only parent for his young children. “As a single parent, I just worry about being everything to them,” he said. “If I spend three hours with Ben, and then I have to go to work, [I’m like] ‘Did I spend enough time with Ben today?”

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