Andy Cohen Gives Dating Update

Andy Cohen

Bravo Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen gave fans an update on his dating life.

After the 53-year-old Bravo host took a compatibility test with his ex-boyfriend, John Hill, on a March 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” some fans began speculating that there’s still something between the two of them.

“So wait John and Andy r partners? “one fan wrote in the comment section of a YouTube video of the segment.

“Please say they are together…John and Andy,” another added.

But it took a “Real Housewives” star to get Cohen to really give an update on his dating life.

Garcelle Beauvais Roasted Cohen’s Dating Life

In April 2022, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Garcelle Beauvais appeared on WWHL, where Cohen asked her,” How’s your love life these days?”

Beauvais did not hold back – but she shaded Cohen in the process. “Dry like yours,” she told the Bravo host.

Cohen appeared stunned by Beauvais’ diss. “She took me down with her!” he replied.

He then addressed Beauvais directly and told her, “You don’t know what’s been happening with me,” before admitting, “Not much.”

Beauvais also appeared to hint that she and Cohen “want the same guy” before the Bravo host signaled for “Watch What Happens Live” “Shot-ski” drinking segment to begin.

“Saved by the Shot-ski,” Cohen said. “Wow! Slow your roll, lady!”

Andy Cohen Has Had a Few Public Relationships


Cohen may be going through a dry spell, but he has been public with a few past beaus. According to the Sun, he dated Clifton Dassuncao from 2016 to 2018.

Cohen dubbed Dassuncao the “Brazilian Andy Samberg” per Distractify, and once revealed that while he wanted “marriage” with his boyfriend, he didn’t like “labels.”

In 2020, Cohen was asked by a fan about his three-year relationship with John Hill and why they broke up. “We were in different places in our lives,” Cohen said, per The Daily Dish.

Long after their split, Hill joked about the fact that Cohen was still single, according to Page Six. At a 2020 cabaret show in New York, Hill said of Cohen, “He’s not able to find someone as good as me.”

In February 2022, Cohen did hint that he was in some sort of dating situation. He told Access Hollywood that he called his pal John Mayer for dating advice.

“I asked him a few months ago, there was this situation I was in. And I said ‘what do you think about this,’ and he just set my head straight!” Cohen revealed.

As for what he’s looking for in a partner, Cohen previously told The Daily Dish that he wants an independent man.

“Someone who’s very independent, someone who has their own thing going on,” he said. “Maybe someone who’s never seen ‘The Real Housewives.’ I mean I could go on… So yes that’s what I’m looking for.”

Cohen also told Extra he is ready to “settle down” now that he’s a single dad to a 3-year-old son, Ben.

“I’m just looking for a great guy,” the “Watch What Happens Live” host said. “I mean, I’m fairly settled, I have a son. Good, responsible man.”

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