Andy Cohen Apologizes After Offending ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Viewers


Andy Cohen found himself in hot water while hosting “Watch What Happens Live.”

On the April 4 edition of the live Bravo talk show, the longtime host made an off-the-cuff comment that infuriated his audience as he introduced “Summer House” star Ciara Miller, who was a guest on the late-night chatfest,

While she has been making headlines for her love triangle with her co-star Lindsay Hubbard and “Southern Charm” star Austen Kroll, fans know that there’s a lot more to Ciara than wine glass fights.  Ciara has worked as a traveling ICU nurse as well as a model, and she has a portfolio on Link Models International.

According to TooFab, Cohen introduced Ciara by asking her “You’re actually a nurse? And this is what you look like? Wow!”

Bravo Fans Were Upset By Cohen’s Shady Comment About Nurses

Andy Cohen Ciara Miller

BravoAndy Cohen and Ciara Miller.

Cohen was immediately hit with backlash on social media after he seemingly insulted the appearances of nurses.

“That was a degrading comment to nurses,” one viewer tweeted.

“You literally just offended the entire nursing profession. What, nurses can’t be hot,” another wrote to Cohen.

Some asked the Bravo host what he thought nurses were “supposed” to look like.  On Twitter, one nurse told Cohen that nurses aren’t “frumpy old ladies wearing white dresses and caps anymore.”

“What do you think nurses look like,” another asked Cohen. “We don’t live in scrubs. There are many gorgeous nurses. …So your comment you’re a nurse and look like that. It’s a bit insulting.”

“@Andy how ignorant of you. Not all nurses look like nurse Ratchet,” another chimed in.

“WTF Andy?” wrote another. “Talk about stereotyping the people who saved lives through the pandemic. Would it help if they all wore a little pink dress while putting you on a vent? Disappointing.”

“Dude, I love you, but the nurse comment was just freaking stupid,” another told the Bravo host,

Later in the show, Cohen clarified his comment and apologized to those he offended.

“Just wanna say before we go on, I have offended the nurses of America and internationally,” the WWHL host said. “I apologize. I was merely mentioning that Ciara looks like a supermodel. I know that many nurses look … it’s no condemnation of nurses.”

“All nurses are hot,” he added. “But the most important thing is, all nurses have the biggest hearts in the universe, and they are beautiful inside and out. I am sorry if I offended anyone.”

But even Cohen’s apology was hit with criticism.

“You don’t say… I’m sorry IF I offended anyone, that makes the offended the problem.
one viewer tweeted. “You say, I’m sorry THAT I offended anyone, because You Did Offend a number of people (nurses, in this instance).”

Cohen Talked to Ciara About Her Nursing Career Last Year

In addition to being offensive, Cohen’s comment about Ciara being a nurse was strange for another reason—because he obviously knew she works as a nurse. In April 2021, he asked her about her nursing career on the “Watch What Happens Live” after show.

During a virtual segment on the show, he asked Ciara if she returned to her profession as a healthcare worker after taking time off to film “Summer House” in the Hamptons.

“I have,” she told Cohen, adding that following another break she was “gearing up to go back” to nursing.

In March 2022, Ciara told ShowBiz CheatSheet that she will probably be a nurse ”forever and ever.”

“I’m trying to decide if I want to go back full time,” she said. “Actually, I’m talking to recruiters right now. … I just renewed my nursing license fresh for 2022. So I’m updating all my things so I’m always in nursing in some sort.”

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