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“What am I going to do with the TomTom sweatshirt that Raquel got me?”

Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen appeared on the May 26 episode of the “Bitch Sesh” podcast and asked hosts Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider what to do with the now-infamous sweatshirt, which Raquel Leviss gave to Cohen live on air during the March 1 episode of WWHL (after wearing it to Bravocon 2022), hours before her “Vanderpump” co-stars found out that she had been having a seven-month affair with her fellow cast member Tom Sandoval.

“It goes in the [Bravo] Clubhouse [where WWHL is filmed]. It goes right next to the shotski,” Schneider suggested, and though Cohen agreed, saying, “It should. I guess it should,” Wilson rebutted, reminding Cohen, “I don’t know if people are going to want to see that.”

Andy Cohen Was Sent A Replica of Raquel Leviss’ Lightning Bolt Necklace

Cohen didn’t land on any specific plans for his TomTom sweatshirt, referring to the task of finding a spot for it as a “house of cards”, though he did liken it to “the Monica Lewinsky blue dress” later in the episode when explaining how he had the sweatshirt sitting out in his home when he first found out about the Leviss-Sandoval affair the morning after Leviss gave him the sweatshirt.

“I woke up and it was glimmering in the light, looking so beautiful because its beaded with sequins,” Cohen explained, “That morning I got a text from Alex Baskin, the Executive Producer of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, and he said you are never going to believe this, but, dot-dot-dot. And I said ‘What?!’ and then I called him and he said ‘Ariana just found out last night, all hell is breaking loose,’ and I said ‘Where are the cameras’ and he said ‘On their way.'”

Cohen also revealed that the sweatshirt wasn’t the only accessory he was given in the wake of Scandoval.

“The store that [Raquel] bought the lightning bolt necklace from sent me the lightning bolt necklace the other day,” Cohen said, “Someone from Bravo PR gave it to me yesterday which is the day that I was live with Ariana [Madix], and I’m like ‘What am I supposed to do, give it to her?'”

Fans saw Leviss purchase a lightning bolt necklace from the brand Caitlin Nicole during “Vanderpump Rules” season 10, and by the time that scene aired, it was rumored that she purchased the necklace to match Sandoval’s existing lightning bolt charm and that the two wore these necklaces as a signal of each other’s love while their affair was still being kept a secret from their friends, including Sandoval’s then-girlfriend of nearly a decade, Madix.

Ariana Madix Wants to Replace Andy Cohen’s TomTom Sweatshirt With Something About Her Merch

While Cohen can’t decide what to do with his TomTom sweatshirt, Madix has an idea for merch that can replace it. The “Vanderpump Rules” star is set to open a sandwich shop with co-star Katie Maloney, called Something About Her, and during part one of the explosive “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion, Cohen took a moment to ask how their business has been doing in the wake of Scandoval.

Madix and Maloney first revealed that since releasing Something About Her merch in the wake of Scandoval, they made about $200,000 in sales in only three weeks, as the reunion was filmed shortly after the affair was made public.

“We were always going to do march in the shop, and we thought that was something we would do down the road, but then people were saying ‘How can we support?’ So we launched it early,” Madix said, “I have some for you here if you want to replace it with that trash sweater that you got on ‘Watch What Happens Live’.” Cohen accepted the new merch, although he maintained that the TomTom sweater was “beautiful”.

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