Who Is The New Cast Member on Married To Medicine Season 8?

Married to Medicine

NBCUMV Married to Medicine Season 8 cast

Get ready, Bravo fans, because Season 8 of Married to Medicine is here! And, the ladies are welcoming a new cast member to the show.

Anila Sajja is the newest member of Married to Medicine and makes her debut on the first episode. Sajja has a fashion and lifestyle blog called Peplum & Bubblegum, where she writes about the latest trends and her favorite products. Sajja is married to Dr. Kiran Sajja, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Together, the couple have two children: Aryana, 5, and Avir, 3.

And, according to her profile on Bravo’s website, Sajja is a true Georgia native. Sajja was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, and now lives in Atlanta with her family. Sajja is Indian-American, and describes herself as “a renaissance woman in every sense of the word.”

Anila Sajja Enjoyed Filming The Show

During a recent interview with TooFab, Sajja spoke more about her rookie season on Married to Medicine, and revealed that overall, she enjoyed her experience filming with the other ladies. “Getting to know these ladies. It’s been great,” Sajja told the outlet. “Like learning about them and then also teaching them a lot about my culture and my heritage. I think it was — like our Vice-President — she’s South Asian and she’s Black — and we were kind of a mix of that. So it was great showing off my culture, my heritage, and learning a lot about them and the history. It was a great end to it all.”

Sajja also revealed that her family had a good experience filming the show as well. “So we have a five-year-old and a three-year-old,” Sajja explained to TooFab. “My three-year-old — I’m not sure how much he understands it, but my daughter, she definitely has an idea now. Cause she’ll be like, ‘Are you going to be on TV like Elsa?’ And I’m like, ‘You are too!’ She’s definitely kind of understanding it. But my son, I don’t think he has any idea. They were very good with the cameras. So I’ll have to give that to them.”

This Season of ‘Married to Medicine’ Will Bring The Drama

Although Season 8 of Married to Medicine was filmed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that the show will be short on drama. In fact, if anything, it seems like the pandemic has only heightened and intensified the things that are happening in the lives of the ladies.

“I think we’re all women that — we’re going to give our opinions, you know, and if there’s something we don’t agree with, we’re going to speak our truth and how we feel,” Sajja explained of the new cast dynamics to TooFab. “So I think, there’s ups and downs. There’s some really good moments. We all went through the pandemic and then we’re also in the midst of the Black Lives Matter, you know. And then you see a little bit about my culture and I’m able to share a little bit on that, so there’s great moments, but there’s also some issues there.”

Viewers can catch the premiere of Married To Medicine on March 7 on Bravo at 9/8c.

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