Ariana Madix Responds to Accusation of Having a ‘Contrived’ Storyline

Ariana Madix

Bravo Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix  of “Vanderpump Rules” fame responded to an accusation made by a viewer that she was not being genuine during a December episode of the hit Bravo series. In season 9, episode 12, Katie Maloney decided to visit Madix and her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval’s home. After Sandoval excused himself, Madix brought up Maloney’s desire to open a sandwich shop with her husband, Tom Schwartz. After she revealed that her husband did not seem to be interested in the business, Madix offered to be her partner. 

On December 29, a Twitter user questioned the authenticity of the sandwich shop storyline writing, All the storylines on PumpRules are a little too contrived for me, I am all down for this sandwich shack shack up between the girls but it felt like a set up for a storyline and additional business with a yas girl vibe. The whole season feels force fed with a spoon. #PumpRules.” 

Madix was quick to respond to the tweet and assured that joining forces with Maloney was her spontaneous decision. 

“nope. i came up with the idea to team up on the spot. neither production or katie had any clue and tbh neither did i before it came out of my mouth,” asserted the reality television star. 

The original Twitter user replied to Madix’s response. 

“That’s absolutely fine, nobody said it was scripted, but I’m sure production wise, you can understand how it would SEEM this way, It’s something that would happen on a sitcom. & that’s okay, still loved the ideal and concept,” read the response

Reddit User Shared Their Opinions About the Name of Madix and Maloney’s Sandwich Shop

Madix and Maloney’s sandwich shop called Something About Her is in the works and even has an official Instagram page. On January 6, a Reddit user took to the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit to share that they did not believe the name Something About Her suited an establishment with a focus on sandwiches. 

“Other people on this sub have suggested Madix and Maloney’s. It’s not fancy but gets their names out there and it’s a solid good idea. But ‘Something About Her’ sounds like a song or sex toy/lingerie shop. Not a place to eat,” read a portion of the post. 

Several commenters also shared their opinions on the matter. 

“Something About Her sounds like a size-inclusive lingerie shop located in a dingy strip mall,” wrote one Reddit user

“Katie would name it something corny like this lol,” added another

“It’s awful. If I saw the sign I would never imagine it’s a sandwich shop,” chimed in a third commenter

Madix Spoke About Her Relationship With Sandoval in 2021

Madix has been in a relationship with Sandoval since 2013. During a December 2021 interview with New York Live, Madix shared how they have managed to stay together while co-starring on “Vanderpump Rules.” 

“I do think that sometimes being on the show with each other forces us to work through things that normally I’m the kind of person who is like I’m just annoyed, I’m going to ignore you, check out, walk away, but I feel like we’re forced to confront certain things,” explained the Bravo star. 

Madix also explained why she decided to let fans know that she got her eggs frozen. 

“I live my life as an open book so, you know, if someone asks me a question, I’m always going to give them the answer. So I didn’t want to hide that. Also it was just something that I want to have the agency, that control, I want to be in a position, no matter what happens, all of my ducks are in a row,” explained the 36-year-old.

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