Ariana Madix Accused of Having a Different Face

Getty Images Ariana Madix responded to fans who said her face looked different.

Ariana Madix was the subject of a Reddit thread on November 14, 2021, in which a fan was curious about what (if any) kind of work she had done to her face. The original poster was “shocked” about how much Madix’s face appears to have changed over the past few seasons of “Vanderpump Rules,” and posted on the forum. Perhaps to the surprise of many, Madix actually responded on Reddit.

“I’m on season 8 and I think they showed a flashback at one point and I’m shocked how much her (and everyone else’s) face has changed!! Her change has been subtle so it didn’t jump out at me right away. I can’t tell what exactly she had done..she looks great and still looks like ‘herself’ but i can’t tell exactly what she did,” the thread started off.

Madix, who has been fairly candid about her mental health and body image in the past, actually commented on the thread in an apparent effort to stop the rumors from getting out of hand.

Here’s what you need to know:

Madix Said That ‘Cheek Comments Are Triggering’ & Denied Having Any Plastic Surgery Done to Her Face

It seems as though several fans agreed with the Original Poster, many also thinking that Madix’s face has changed a lot over the years.

“Ariana doesn’t look the same to me,” one Redditor commented.

“Yep. Filler in the cheeks. I noticed it right off the bat this season,” added another.

“I have no idea but she has that filler look for sure,” a third comment read.

Shortly after the post appeared on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit, Madix decided to set the record straight.

“Hi! it’s me. I have never put any filler anywhere other than my lips. cheek comments are very triggering to me. I will always tell anyone what i’ve done! I had a procedure called Ellevate for my neck and I love it. I’ve gotten Botox here and there in the crows feet area but it feels really constricting to my expressions so I don’t like to do it more than just right there once a year or so,” Madix said.

“My lips I have gotten just a touch to fill in my wrinkles bc I’ve been really bad about staying hydrated and away from the sun. I don’t really want more size there,” Madix added.

Madix Said That She Gained a ‘Considerable Amount of Weight’

In addition to some occasional Botox and filler in her lips, Madix also believes that her weight gain over the years has changed the way that her face looks.

“I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight overall since my 20s and it’s found it’s own way of distributing in my body. Mostly my arms and my face. Never a cheek filler! The procedure I’ve been considering is actually the buccal fat removal to get rid of the chubby cheeks but it seems a little involved so who knows if I ever will!” Madix said.

“I’ll keep y’all posted. So much love to this sub and the reddit community in general. Y’all understand nuance and three dimensional human beings in a way other platforms don’t,” she added.

Back in May 2020, Madix said that she wanted a “skinny face,” according to Bravo. So far, it doesn’t sound like she’s ready to take the plastic surgery leap to get there.

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