Ariana Madix Gives Update on Friendship With Lala Kent

Ariana Madix

Bravo Ariana Madix.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix gave an update on her friendship with her co-star Lala Kent during a June 2022 episode of the “Deux Me After Dark” podcast. She acknowledged that she and her castmate were at odds during the show’s ninth season, which premiered in 2021. She clarified that she and the mother of one “are in a really good place right now.” 

“Every time we hang out, we always have such a great time together. Of course, we don’t always agree with everything each other says, you know what I mean, when we work through it and we talk about it and we don’t let that be friendship ending, that’s when we’re really good. I think sometimes something gets said, it bothers her or me and we don’t talk for a while so it festers and become a bigger thing, so with us, we’ve kind of made an agreement with each other to be better about addressing things that we see or hear right away and I always want good things for her and I think the same is true of me for her,” stated the 37-year-old. 

She then asserted that she “always want[s] her and [her daughter] Ocean to be happy and healthy.” Madix went on to say that she believed that her conflicts with Kent had strengthened their relationship. 

“I think our friendship is growing in a more open and honest way than how it has in the past,” said the reality television star. 

Ariana Madix Spoke About Her Friendship With Lala Kent in a Separate Interview

Madix shared similar comments about Kent during a June 2022 Access Hollywood interview. She asserted that she and her castmate are in a good place. 

“We’re in an up, so I think that’s one thing with me and Lala over the years is that we love hard and we fight hard with each other, I definitely see her as someone as — when we are together we have a really fun time, and we can have really wonderful times together, and I always want her and her daughter Ocean to be happy and healthy, and I want good things for them,” shared Madix. 

She also noted that she is not afraid of having conflicts with Kent. 

“There are sometimes when me and her say something that the other doesn’t like and we address it and sometimes that gets, you know, to be yelling at each other but at least we work through our stuff, I guess,” stated Madix. 

Ariana Madix Spoke About Her Issues With Lala Kent in December 2021

During a December 2021 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Madix spoke about her issues with Kent. She shared that she did not appreciate comments the mother of one made regarding Raquel Leviss’ engagement tea party in “Vanderpump Rules” season 9, episode 10. 

“I feel like Lala likes to pretend like she makes the rules for everybody, you know. And she even in this episode tonight was like ‘do I look like someone who has puffy sleeves and a tutu?’ Like, you’re not better than everybody else, you know, I thought that was so rude,” said Madix. 

She also revealed that she has had difficulty maintaining a friendship with Kent. 

“It’s like just when you think you’re getting close to her, she’ll say something like that or she’ll give you that like, you know, stick her lips out at you tough face. She and I go all over the place so I don’t want to say exactly where we are now because it might change tomorrow,” stated the Bravo star.

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