Fans Think Ariana Madix Looks ‘So Different’ in Instagram Post

Ariana Madix

Getty Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules.

On August 31, 2022, “Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix shared two pictures with her Instagram followers. The photos showed her posing with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, her co-star Charli Burnett, and Logan Cochran, who has had guest appearances on “Vanderpump Rules.” Madix wore what appears to be a sheer, floral patterned jumpsuit with cut-out detailing. She accessorized with a bracelet and styled her hair in a middle part. 

In the caption of the post, she noted that the pictures were snapped at a June 2022 party in celebration of her 37th birthday. 

“i never posted anything for my birthday months ago and now it’s wild to look at these photos because so much has changed. some good and some sad, but that’s life i suppose! i’m just happy to be here! and my friends are gorgeous in every way 🥰,” read the caption. 

Madix took to the comments section and asserted that the post was not meant to be “cryptic.” 

“this post is about my life. not vanderpump rules. nothing cryptic about it. nothing i’ve said hasn’t already been shared by me over the last few months,” wrote Madix

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Instagram Post

A Reddit user shared the Instagram post on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit. Several commenters shared they believed Madix looked different in the photos. 

“She doesn’t even look like herself anymore,” wrote a commenter

“Right?? She looks completely different,” added another

“Yeah I took a beat to recognize her, the cheeks maybe got filler? Or it’s just a filter idk,” shared a different person

“Her face…looks so different. Is that what she’s talking about?” asked a Reddit user

“Came here to say this. Didn’t even recognize her!” agreed a “Vanderpump Rules” fan

“Did she…change her face? She looks v different,” asserted a social media user

“‘So much has changed’ – Is she talking about her face? Is that a facetune situation or Doctor office?” inquired a Bravo fan

“Is it just me or does Ariana look really different? Not sure if it’s just the hair. She looks great though,” shared another

“What’s going on with her face, I barely recognized her 😵‍💫,” commented a Reddit user

“I see Ariana has yet another new face (a gorgeous one, but still),” chimed in a tenth person

Ariana Madix Spoke About Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz 

While speaking to Us Weekly in July 2022, Madix discussed her co-star Katie Maloney’s decision to file for divorce from Tom Schwartz. She explained that “it’s a big change,” as the former couple had been in a relationship for over a decade. 

“They built a life together, so in some ways it’s exciting because it’s a new era but in other ways, I’m sure it’s just difficult,” said Madix. 

She also revealed she did not expect the breakup. 

“I mean I was shocked. Every relationship has its ups and downs. I mean Tom [Sandoval] and I, we argue over stupid stuff all the time, you know what I mean, so I feel like it’s normal to see – you know, I wouldn’t call it cracks but it’s like every relationship has its goods and its bads, it’s not easy being in a long-term relationship with someone, but I never thought – I never imagined that they would end it,” stated the Bravo star.

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