Ariana Madix Posts Filter-Free Photo Days Before ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Premiere

Ariana Madix

Bravo Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules.

Ariana Madix was living her best life in Las Vegas.

Less than two weeks before the long-awaited “Vanderpump Rules” season 9 premiere, the 36-year-old Bravo star shared Instagram photos and videos from the three-day Life is Beautiful festival held in downtown Vegas. Many fans zeroed in on an all-natural still pic that Madix shared from the field.

In the photo, the longtime SUR bartender stood on the field at the music and arts festival and joyfully held up her drink. Madix wore a sheer black mini dress, baseball cap, and black combat boots as she looked back at the camera. The photo appeared to be free from filters or airbrushing.

“She’s startin’,” Madix captioned the pic.

Fans Thanked Madix For Posting ‘Real’ Photos of Herself

In the comment section of the post, several fans thanked Madix for not filtering her photo.

“Can I just thank you for posting real photos?” one fan wrote.

“She made my night,” another agreed.

“Yassss girl also love that you don’t filter your pics!!!! You look amazing,” a third fan wrote.

“Came to say the SAME! REAL beauty right there,” another added.

Others described Madix’s “real body realness” as “refreshing.”

“We stan our NATURAL GODDESS ARIANA,” a follower declared.

Madix has Been Vocal About Her Issues With Body Positivity

Madix also posed confidently in a bikini during her trip. She thanked her co-star Scheana Shay’s sister, Cortney Erin, for “directing all the right angles.”

Longtime fans know that Madix has had self-esteem issues with her body. On a 2018 episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” viewers were stunned when she opened up about a past abusive relationship in which she was told she was “disgusting.”

“I was told my vagina was disgusting, and I had cellulite, and, ‘Why do you wear that?’ and, ‘Why don’t you dress like this?’ and ‘How come you don’t look like those girls?’ And those things don’t go away.” she said. “I’ve always had these issues with my self-esteem, with my body, these things from my past.”

In the episode, Madix’s co-star Lala Kent told her she was “perfect.” Kent also revealed that her mother taught her to be “thankful for every single part” of her “being” and that every morning she looks in the mirror and says “I love you” to her body.

While she broke free of her abusive relationship. Madix has had to deal with body shamers now that she’s in the public eye. She told E! News that over the years, every time she posts any picture, people tell her she doesn’t look like herself.

“I don’t think it needs attention but I’ve gained over 20 pounds since I started the show first season and I’m constantly being told that I got filler in my cheeks and I’m very self-conscious about having like a chubby face and I’ve always wanted an angular jawline and an angular cheekbone,” she said. So when people say that, I don’t think you guys realize how rude you’re being. You’re literally pointing out the weight that I’ve gained in my face and it’s kind of upsetting.

Madix added that she has been able to “strip away” all of the negativity and just focus on the real people in her life.

“Your family and your friends are what’s important and all of those other people? That s***’s  not real,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said.

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