Bravo Star Explodes on ‘Keyboard Warriors’ for Their ‘Nastiness’

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Every season of “Below Deck” sees some cast members become fan favorites while others get a lot of hate from viewers and so far this season of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” it seems as though Ashley Marti is the crew member who’s attracted the ire of fans.

The new Bravo star has received a lot of criticism from viewers since the first episode when she expressed her unhappiness at being named the third stewardess and things have gone downhill from there. Many fans have taken issue with Marti’s attitude toward her second stew Gabriela Barragan while others have criticized her approach toward Gary King and Tom Pearson.

Marti appeared to have enough of the criticism as she tweeted ahead of the 7th episode and called out those who were hating on her actions.

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Marti Called Out the ‘Trolls’ & ‘Keyboard Warriors’ & Said There Was a Lot That Viewers Didn’t See

Marti didn’t hesitate to clap back at the hate she received online, writing on Twitter, “To all the trolls and keyboard warriors… who hurt you? Just because you’re miserable and hate your life, doesn’t make it cool to spread your nastiness on others @BelowDeckSailng @BravoTV.”

Her tweet was shared on a “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” fan page on Instagram and Marti added in the comments, “Might I add y’all judging someone based off of a reality tv show, shows how delusional you are.” It’s not the first time that Marti spoke up on social media, as she replied to some comments about the show on her Instagram photos in the past.

In one recent exchange, Marti told fans, “There were many interactions between Gabriella and me, and her and other crew that would fully explain my attitude and feelings toward her.” She added, “Yeah I can understand that, it’s really hard work with someone that made the majority of the crew miserable. That’s the stuff that people who watch the show will never fully get from what is shown in the episodes.”

Adrienne Gang From Below Deck’s Inaugural Season Spoke Out Against Marti

Adrienne Gang, the chief stew from “Below Deck’s” 1st season, has been watching this season of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” and tweeting along with her reactions and she made it clear that she doesn’t like Marti. Gang shared Marti’s tweet aimed at online trolls and wrote:

Hey Guys! In advance of tonight’s #belowdecksailing please respect Ashley’s wishes & stop giving her victimhood any more oxygen. Let’s just pretend she’s not on the show at all and maybe we won’t ever have to see her again & she can go back to her sister hitting on her crushes.

Shortly into the episode, Gang added, “We are only 8 minutes into this #BelowDeckSailing episode and I already don’t want ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ to speak. Any more. Ever.”

In previous comments, Gang said, “As toxic as they are, I think Tom and Ashley deserve each other.” She also compared Marti to Samantha Orme, the third stew on her season of “Below Deck,” and wrote that both were “Manipulative, focused on boys not work, and defiant.” Gang also had another tweet that was very critical of Marti’s behavior, especially toward King:

Just because she has boobs doesn’t make Ashley’s aggressive sexual behavior towards Gary acceptable. If the roles were reversed, people would lose their s***. She’s an opportunistic predator that needs to work on her self esteem.

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