Bravo Star Ripped as a ‘Coward’ After She Shades Network Over Her Edit

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The reunion for season 3 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” airs Monday, June 27, and one cast member, Ashley Marti, confirmed that she would not be participating. Fans had been speculating about her absence since the trailer dropped and the stewardess shared on her Instagram Stories the reason why she wouldn’t appear.

Marti has been under fire from “Below Deck” fans since the beginning of the season and she’s been considered the villain of season 3 due to both her contentious work relationship with Gabriela Barragan and her single-minded pursuit of Gary King. Marti has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism for her behavior and since she revealed that she wouldn’t be at the reunion, the backlash on social media has intensified.

“I just want to let all my supporters know that I chose not to participate in the reunion,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. The screenshot was captured and shared on Reddit. She added:

At the time it was filmed I did not have the energy nor the desire to continue to be a puppet for bravo, in addition to feeling like I would not be able to fully tell my side of the story due to editing.

I appreciate all of the support I have received along the way which is why I’m giving my followers a chance to ask me questions about the season which I will answer live. I’m sorry for anyone who was looking forward to it, however I hope you will respect my decision.

Since revealing she wouldn’t be at the reunion to address the key storylines of the season, fans have slammed the Bravo star as “cowardly.”

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Marti Received a Lot of Criticism About Her Decision to Not Attend the Reunion

A thread on Reddit discussing Marti’s absence from the reunion picked up more than 400 comments criticizing the season 3 star. “People always use the bravo editing excuse, you can’t edit facts lol the whole cast backed up what happened,” one person wrote. Another said, “She didn’t get a bad edit. She acted like trash without any edits… There was no bad edit, she just has a s***** personality and couldn’t hide it from the cameras.”

One person commented, “oh for the love of god I just can’t with reality TV stars that whine about the pressures of being reality TV stars.” Another added, “And every single a****** blames editing. Everyone.” One person pointed out, “She doesn’t want to be a puppet for bravo anymore but still has their hashtags and @’s in her Instagram bio.” Someone said, “I love when these one hit wonder crew members tell us they’re not going to be ‘bravo’s puppets.’ Child, you’re not that important. Please.”

One person said, “I suppose Bravo shoveled a plate of spaghetti in her drunk face. You get edited based on who you are. Don’t blame Bravo for taking advantage of that.” Someone else commented, “‘How dare Bravo show you things I actually did.'” Someone joked, “‘Leave your question here, if it’s one that’s in favor of me, I will answer it. If it’s not in favor, I will skip it and act like I never saw it.'”

A few people accused Marti of being a “coward,” as one person said, “Weak. Cowardly move.” Another said, “honestly disappointed because it feels like she’s never going to face consequences or come to an understanding of the harm she caused. she’s going to carry on hurting people around her and being convinced she’s the real victim and that’s just depressing…” Someone wrote, “It’s so cowardly not to show to a reunion.”

Marti Clapped Back at Haters Earlier in the Season

Marti has defended her actions on the show in the past and commented about the editing. After the 6th episode of season 3, she wrote on Twitter, “To all the trolls and keyboard warriors… who hurt you? Just because you’re miserable and hate your life, doesn’t make it cool to spread your nastiness on others @BelowDeckSailng @BravoTV.”

She also added on Instagram, “Might I add y’all judging someone based off of a reality tv show, shows how delusional you are.” She told fans in replies to Instagram comments that there’s a lot that fans don’t get to see.

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