Austen Kroll Sounds Off on Craig Conover & Paige DeSorbo’s Relationship

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Many Bravo fans have sounded off on Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover‘s relationship since the “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” stars began dating in 2021. Their interactions on their respective shows have been scrutinized, especially their many conversations about their future given that they live in two different cities.

Conover’s close friend and co-star Austen Kroll said that contrary to many people’s opinions, he thought the long-distance relationship was working out really well for the couple. “Look, this is what I will say about Craig and Paige,” the “Southern Charm” star told Decider. “It may not be the popular opinion, but I just think the long-distance thing is working for them.”

Kroll said that although Conover lives in Charleston and DeSorbo lives in New York City, the commute by plane is only three hours “door to door.” “Craig makes a lot of time to go up [to New York], especially in the summer — he basically lived there — and if that is working for them, then I don’t even know why it’s a question,” he added.

Kroll also pointed out that DeSorbo likes to have her space and time alone, then wondered why fans were so critical of their arrangement. “They’re not even engaged yet, she doesn’t have to move to Charleston,” he shared. “To me, if it’s working then don’t fix it. And in my opinion, it’s working.”

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Craig Conover Spoke About How the Edit on ‘Summer House’ & ‘Southern Charm’ Made Their Relationship Conversations Seem Worse

Kroll’s comments were echoed by Conover in a recent interview. On September 22, Conover told the “Chicks in the Office” podcast that their shows’ edits made it seem like they were unhappy with the arrangement when that wasn’t the case. “The balance of going up and back [between] two great cities, New York and Charleston, we’re just happy,” he said.

Conover also pointed out that while they are based in two different cities, they rarely go more than a few days without seeing each other and that set-up works for them. His clarification came after he admitted in a confessional interview on “Southern Charm” season 9 that being in the same long-distance situation for over a year was “getting a little frustrating.”

Austen Kroll Spoke About Seeing a Therapist to Help Him Manage His Own Future Relationships

While Conover and DeSorbo’s relationship is flourishing, his “Pillows and Beer” podcast co-host Kroll revealed that he’d done some work on himself in regards to his approach to dating. Viewers have seen Kroll’s relationship struggles in the past few seasons of “Southern Charm,” especially his volatile up-and-down relationship with Madison LeCroy.

Kroll told Decider that he’s been in therapy and “trying out to figure out some things, inward,” to help him grow. Part of that, he shared, was learning why past relationships hadn’t worked and how he could learn from them moving forward.

Unfortunately for Kroll, he added that while he tried to move on but some people wouldn’t let him and he got “sucked into things.” The Trop Hop beer founder didn’t specify whether that comment was in reference to LeCroy, his ex Olivia Flowers, or his co-star and good friend Taylor Ann Green.

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