Bravo Star Makes Claims About Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke’s Relationship

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

Getty Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

The second season of “Winter House” is almost here but the first look at the season already hinted at a lot of drama and dropped a bomb or two among the Bravo stars.

This season, Lindsay Hubbard will be returning to the house but only as a guest star and not a main cast member like season 1. The trailer showed that Hubbard will be visiting many of her fellow Bravolebrities along with Carl Radke, her “Summer House” co-star and boyfriend. Since the show filmed, the two moved in and got engaged.

While Hubbard previously shared that she had a great time at the winter house with Radke, the trailer hinted that it won’t all be smooth sailing for the new couple as Hubbard will have some difficult moments to navigate. “I had a great time at [the] winter house,” Hubbard told Us Weekly in April 2022. “We did some classic winter activities and it was nice to experience that with Carl this time and to be able to do that together in a relationship as a couple.”

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The Trailer Shows Paige DeSorbo & Austen Kroll Discussing a Graphic Story Involving Hubbard

Despite Hubbard’ positive comments about her time at the winter house, the trailer showed that a bombshell might be dropped on her new relationship with Radke. The first look clip shows Austen Kroll telling his co-stars a graphic story about an encounter with Hubbard after she became official with Radke.

The trailer’s edit sees Paige DeSorbo telling her co-star Amanda Batula the story, explaining, “When Lindsay announced that her and Carl were together, that same night according to Austen…” The trailer then cuts to Kroll telling his co-stars, “I woke up with her hand on my d***,” the insinuation being that he was talking about Hubbard.

Hubbard Will Also Be Having Some Difficult Conversations With Her Ex, Winter House Star Jason Cameron, According to the Trailer

Hubbard and Cameron met and began seeing each other on season 1 of “Winter House” but Hubbard explained in the premiere of “Summer House” season 6 that they were no longer dating. She shared that she got pregnant during their relationship and then had a miscarriage, and according to the “Winter House” season 2 trailer, the two will discuss it.

Cameron previously spoke about Hubbard admitting to her miscarriage on “Summer House” and said he was aware she would be talking about it but felt as though he was left “without a voice.” The model appeared on David Yontef’s “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast and said, “I wasn’t upset it was on TV. If anything, I was left without a voice, as far as the publications and what they were saying or talking about, or even how you saw all this stuff, but what did [I] have to say? Well, no one asked.”

The “Winter House” season 1 star said Hubbard had spoken to him about bringing up the miscarriage on her Bravo show but he wasn’t sure if it would be included. “No one told me and I didn’t know, like if it was going to be on or if they cut it,” he shared on the podcast. “So one of the producers called me like 10 minutes before it came on the air, like, ‘Oh, just so you know, your business is about to be like all over TV.’ I was like, ‘Oh, well thanks for the call.’”

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