Some ‘Pump Rules’ Fans Think Beau Clark Shaded Jax Taylor With Cryptic Instagram Post

Jax Taylor and Beau Clark.

Getty Images Fans think Beau Clark may have shaded Jax Taylor on Instagram.

Friendship over?

Beau Clark and Jax Taylor formed a rather unique friendship, becoming buddies despite the fact that Taylor used to date Clark’s now-wife, Stassi Schroeder. However, around the time that Clark and Schroeder flew to Rome, Italy, to get married (albeit for a second time), fans noticed that Taylor unfollowed Clark on Instagram. He also unfollowed Schroeder, according to Reality Blurb.

Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright had spent quite a bit of time with Clark and Schroeder over the years, and their kids, Cruz and Hartford, would often play together. However, it seems that the foursome won’t be hanging out together anytime soon — though it’s unclear what may have gone down between them or what made Taylor click the unfollow button.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think Clark & Schroeder’s Wedding Guest List May Have Caused a Rift

Clark and Schroeder traveled to Rome in May 2022 with some of their closest friends to exchange vows for a second time. The only two people from “Vanderpump Rules” who made the trek across the pond were Katie Maloney — who served as Schroeder’s maid of honor — and her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz.

The wedding only consisted of about 35 guests in total. Having to cut down the guest list was just necessary for multiple reasons, including finances, but Schroeder said that it didn’t really cause any issues with her other friends.

“Honestly, everyone’s been pretty understanding,” Schroeder said on the May 23, 2022, episode of the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast. “We sent out an email, like, ‘Yo, times are tough, we can’t have a 200-person wedding. This doesn’t mean that we don’t like you, but you’re not part of my 35 top people,'” she explained.

Clark Shared a Cryptic Post on His Instagram Stories & Some Fans Think it Was Meant for Taylor

Shortly after the whole unfollowing ordeal, Clark took to his Instagram Stories to share a post that some people felt was meant to be about Taylor.

“It’s not your fault when you outgrow people who had the chance to GROW with you,” the post read. “If you take fault for growing faster than the people around you, it’s like feeling bad for putting in the work that other people weren’t willing to do,” the second slide of the post read.

Clark added a swirling star emoji to indicate that he agreed with the message. Someone shared a screenshot of the post on Reddit and asked “Vanderpump Rules” fans if they thought Clark’s comment was about Taylor.

“Probably. But doubt Jax is smart enough to catch on or assume it,” one response read.

“I don’t see very many people that Beau and Stassi are outgrowing so Jax makes sense,” another Redditor said.

“This is such a khloe kardashian thing to do,” someone else added.

“Shade or not. Those are super true words. I have outgrown some very close friends who still behave like they are 16 year old teenagers. Bless them but I am moving on,” a fourth person wrote.

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