Captain Lee Rosbach Speaks Out on ‘Tough’ Below Deck Season

Captain Lee Rosbach

Laurent Bassett/Bravo Below Deck's Captain Lee Rosbach in his season 9 cast photo

Another season of “Below Deck” is done and dusted, with only the reunion left to air. It’s safe to say the ninth season was a rocky one for the crew of the superyacht My Seanna, from Captain Lee Rosbach missing the start of the first charter due to a hospital stay to the racism scandal that plagued the second half of the season.

As is customary for the beloved captain of the series, Rosbach was open with fans on social media about the season and welcomed any reactions and feedback from the show’s audience. In a series of tweets after the season finale aired on Bravo, he said he felt that the ninth season was a “tough” one and overall the year was a difficult one too.

One fan wrote, “I think between the surgery, and the challenges with the crew we def got a diff [Captain Lee] this year. My poor guy just seemed off this season, def not himself. Would I be accurate in that assumption capt? Hope I didn’t offend you, wasn’t my point. #Belowdeck.” Rosbach replied that he wasn’t offended and acknowledged, “it has been a tough year, and I promise next year will be better.”

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Rosbach Said He Wasn’t Sure If He Would Recap the Season in His Blog Because He’s Not Sure People Are ‘Ready for the Truth’

Rosbach was also asked if he would be recapping the end of the season in his blog, as he’s done in the past, but he replied that he’s still thinking about it. “To be honest, this season has been tough and I’m not sure that everyone is ready for the truth as I see it, so it remains to be seen,” he replied. He said he would decide in the next couple of days but would let fans know if he decides not to and why.

Another fan pointed out that Rosbach didn’t “sign off” the end of the season with his usual line, “I still say that I have the best damn job in the world.” Rosbach said it’s true that he didn’t but called it a “mistake” that he wouldn’t repeat because he does still think he has the best job in the world. He also confirmed that he would be back for another season “if they want me.” 

Rosbach thanked fans for their honest takes on the season and said, “you make your call, your judgement. I will respect it. Didn’t say I agree with it, but I will respect it as we are all entitled to our own and to have it respected.” He repeated the opinion that it had been a tough year in response to a fan who said Rosbach didn’t seem like himself this season, writing “you may not be far off base. It was a tough year, but we will bounce back, promise.”

The Season 9 Reunion Is Set to Air on February 7 & Will Likely Feature Conversations About Some of the Messy Issues From the Season

The reunion for season 9 of “Below Deck” is set to air on Bravo on Monday, February 7, hosted of course by Andy Cohen. It will be a virtual reunion, as confirmed by a clip released by the official “Below Deck” Instagram account.

There will be a lot to unpack and discuss on the reunion, first and foremost the use of a racial slur by chief stewardess Heather Chase. The incident occurred on camera and led to a lot of friction in subsequent episodes between deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Heather.

Fans will also hopefully get an update on Jake Foulger’s engagement and where he stands with both Lindsey and Fraser Olender, although it may have to be relayed by other cast members as Jake himself recently revealed he wasn’t present for the reunion. According to the reunion preview, Rosbach, Chase, Lindsey and Olender will be present, as well as chef Rachel Hargrove and first officer Eddie Lucas.

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Brinda Gore
Brinda Gore
6 months ago

Captain Lee was a little off this year but wasn’t everyone! He is still the lovable quipster who makes the guest happy and keeps the crazies in line. Rachel did a fantastic job this year and her food and diversity is award winning. A little disappointed in Eddie, he hasn’t crossed over that line between professional and crew but I have every hope that he will eventually. Wes was the closet hero this year, he worked hard, keep his head down and didn’t embarrass the boat. Much like Survivor, Jennifer, those leaving the ship, should not have the courtesy of returning for the Reunion or having an opinion. I started off really liking Heather but the apologies went on, and on and then on. Enough, Rayana was toxic to the ship as you can tell from actually watching, and should have been fired for lack of work ethics long before the drunken song was sang. Who watches a ski jet drift off into the ocean. Jake was entertaining but a definate embarrassment to the ship. Eddie should have had a better rein on him. Fraser grew the most as a crew member. He became more confident and better prepared for the tough job of stew. That’s my recap and I didn’t miss a show this year. I was tempted to turn it off on Rayana rants but the good still outnumbered the bad. Looking forward to next year and wish that Kate would come back!

Ben Wenton
Ben Wenton
6 months ago

Of course he feels he has the best job in the world. He used to be a small restaurant manager and now he just brings a ship out a few miles, anchors it, sits there, and then brings it back. Rosbach is a very minor league yacht captain but because he;’s on TV people think he’s the real thing. Generally, in yachting, the best captains are the ones on full time retainer for a wealthy person’s yacht.

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