Below Deck Cast Member Accuses Eddie Lucas of Trying to ‘Ruin’ Her

Below Deck season 9

Bravo Below Deck season 9

The reunion for “Below Deck” season 9 aired on February 7 and the majority of it was dominated by conversations between Rayna Lindsey, Heather Chase and Eddie Lucas over a racism scandal that occurred halfway through the season. The hour-long reunion, hosted as usual by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, saw heated words exchanged between Lindsey and Lucas in particular.

As viewers of the show saw, Lindsey and Chase had a difficult second half to the season after Chase used the n-word during a night out with the crew. However, Lindsey was also upset with how Lucas handled it when she told him about it and she made that clear at the reunion.

Cohen asked Lucas a fan question about his reaction to the situation and said it came off as “dismissive” at first before he took it more seriously later on. Lucas explained that when Lindsey first told him what happened, he told her “that was not okay what Heather said and Rayna was completely justified in feeling angry and feeling upset and everything like that.” He added that Lindsey was right when she said that he didn’t understand:

I don’t understand, I never will understand. And the only thing I can do is take Rayna at her word.  and if she says everything’s okay and if she doesn’t want to escalate this and she doesn’t want to take it further then I have to respect her, and that’s how I can take it. I am sorry for Rayna not feeling that I was an ally.

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Lindsey Challenged Lucas on His Reply & Said He Tried to ‘Ruin’ Her By Claiming She Said a Homophobic Slur

During the reunion, Lindsey called out Lucas on that reply and added, “Eddie apologized to me three times. The first time he apologized to me, you know what he did? He said, ‘well, but you say the f-word when you’re drunk,'” referring to a homophobic slur. “So he tried to sit here and make it seem like, because I say the f-word when I’m drunk that excuses what he and Heather did.”

She explained that her sister is gay and she would never use a derogatory term like that. The deckhand said that’s why she was crying after their conversation during the season. “That’s why I feel all these certain types of ways. You cannot do that, you tried to ruin me Eddie,” she told her former superior emotionally. “Do you get that? You tried to ruin me, for what?”

Lucas replied that he doesn’t really remember the whole conversation because it happened a long time ago but that he would never try to “frame” Lindsey. She then said, “My heart is too big to sit here and try to ruin people, but to sit here and lie, Eddie? Don’t lie. Man up and say what you did.” Lucas fired back, “I’m not lying.”

Cohen Then Revealed Some Unseen Footage That Showed a Conversation Between Lucas & Lindsey

After that conversation, Cohen revealed some previously unseen footage that showed fans a conversation between Lindsey and Lucas. Lindsey was telling Lucas that Chase said the n-word and Lucas replied, “I did not hear her say it once all night. But I have heard you say the f-word a few times and you need to watch that.” As in the reunion, Lindsey denied having ever used that word.

Cohen concluded that production could not corroborate the story and there was only one mention of it on camera, which is why it didn’t make the final edit of the show. Later in the reunion, Captain Lee Rosbach gave his take on the incident, saying that Chase apologized and the apology was accepted but it doesn’t mean it was handled as well as it could have been. He finished:

There’s been a thorough investigation and interviews with the entire yacht crew and several members of the production team who were all involved in it and at the conclusion, it was determined that no further action was required. I think that’s a basis for us to move forward and try to do better in the future.

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