Below Deck Cast Member Threatens to Expose ‘What Really Happened’

Below Deck season 9 cast

Bravo/Instagram Below Deck's season 9 cast

The majority of the drama in the second half of season 9 of “Below Deck” was centered on an incident that occurred involving chief stewardess Heather Chase using a racial slur during a night out with deckhand Rayna Lindsey. During the eighth episode, Lindsey and Chase were walking at the crew night and Lindsey, who is Black, used the N-word and Chase repeated it.

Back on board My Seanna, Lindsey brought up Chase’s use of the word and said Chase, who is white, should not be using that word. Chase said she didn’t remember doing so and later apologized to Lindsey. After the episode aired, Chase wrote in part on Instagram, “I am sorry for the hurt my ignorance caused Rayna in tonight’s episode. While I apologized to Rayna throughout the season, I cannot express enough how remorseful I am.”

Fans saw the incident brought up again several times in the rest of the season as Lindsey struggled with her relationship with Chase from that point forward. Lindsey originally said she accepted Chase’s apology but in her confessionals, she revealed that she wanted nothing more to do with Chase and had trouble moving past that moment.

Everything boiled over in the season finale when Chase brought it up. She said she didn’t understand why Lindsey accepted her apology but continued to snub her and eventually got on her knees to beg Lindsey’s forgiveness. The two ended up in a yelling match and never appeared to resolve the issue. While fans will be hoping to see this incident addressed at the reunion, Lindsey slammed producers on Instagram before it aired and also said the reunion was “nothing.”

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Lindsey Said She Would Be Revealing Everything & Slammed the Reunion as ‘Nothing’

Lindsey recently took to her Instagram Stories to slam the reunion and one of “Below Deck’s” executive producers. “Sunday I’ll be doing an interview that’ll answer every Below Deck question,” she said, according to screenshots saved by the “Below Deck Above Average” Instagram page. Lindsey added that she would be with her family so fans would get “every Black opinion in the room.”

The season 9 deckhand went on to say that the reunion, which is set to air on Bravo on Monday night, “was nothing and only lasted like an hour.” According to the screenshot of her Instagram Story, she said her goal isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings but “if they feelings get hurt from me spitting the truth then so be it.” She added:

I want nothing to do with the show they smoking crack if they think I’m not going to tell what really happened. I’m going to express my story then I’m done. I need to help and warn other minorities to not come on the show. I’d be deada** wrong if I didn’t.

Lindsey Also Claimed That Producers Are Setting Up Eddie Lucas to Replace Captain Lee Rosbach

In the same series of Instagram Stories, Lindsey accused the show of wanting to keep a lot of information under wraps and she would be speaking about it. One of the cast member’s claims was that production is preparing to have Eddie Lucas replace the longtime captain of “Below Deck,” Lee Rosbach.

“They didn’t really want nothing to really be exposed on the reunion so I’ll talk about how they want [Lucas] to do a take over for Captain Lee,” she wrote, as per the screenshots saved. “I’ll talk about everything they don’t want us to talk about.” In another Story, the “Below Deck” cast member said executive producer Lauren Simms “sat there and lied to my face all season just so she can save Eddie to ensure the Passover happens.”

In regards to Lindsey’s claim that Lucas is being prepared to replace Rosbach as the captain, Rosbach replied to a fan on Twitter that his job isn’t on the line and “not to worry.”

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