Chef Ben Robinson Spills on Confronting ‘Passive-Aggressive’ Kate Chastain

Ben Robinson Kate Chastain

Bravo Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain

Ben Robinson was one of the most popular personalities in the “Below Deck” franchise and worked with many different cast members during his several seasons on the Bravo show and the “Below Deck Mediterranean” spinoff.

The fan-favorite chef, who’s worked with two beloved chief stews in Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier, has never been afraid to speak his mind about his co-stars. In a recent interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Robinson was asked which of the two chief stews would be more likely to “put chef Ryan McKeown in his place.” McKeown is the “Below Deck Down Under” chef who’s been butting heads with the chief stew Aesha Scott.

As viewers might remember, Robinson also worked briefly with Scott while she was serving as a stew under Ferrier’s leadership. Ferrier already called out some of McKeown’s comments about Scott and Chastain told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she doesn’t think she would “get in his face” since she’s “more of a passive-aggressive fighter… I love creative revenge.” She added, “I hate to break it to him, but Hannah would.”

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Robinson Said Both Chief Stews Have Different Ways of Handling Confrontation But Overall He ‘Respects Kate More’

The beloved chef agreed with Chastain that she’s “more passive,” but added, “I feel like, you don’t really want to piss Kate off because it’s almost like she drags you down a black hole and you start questioning a lot.” He then said, “Actually, I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of Kate.” In regards to how Ferrier would do in a confrontation with a chef like McKeown, Robinson said:

Hannah would just be almost like a brawl. She is confrontational. And I’m confrontational because it’s timing and stuff like that. So I think I could deal with Hannah probably more on a sort of a human level than Kate. But I think I respect Kate more.

Robinson said he’d want to “keep the peace” with Chastain. “It’s all about peacekeeping,” he shared, “Whereas Hannah, you’re going to get into it and hopefully you can throw your swords down and hug. And take it from there and hopefully learn from it. But, you know, they’re both tricky ones.”

Robinson also chimed in on Scott since he’s had a bit of experience working with her. He said, “Aesha’s got, excuse my French, but she has verbal diarrhea and it’s kind of tough in the kitchen.” He said the stewardess is “funny” and what she talks about is often “hilarious” but he had to “ban her from the kitchen” because it was difficult to concentrate sometimes.

Robinson Said Chefs Should Be Allowed to Throw the Occasional Tantrums

Robinson also said that in his opinion, chefs that are “serious or good” should be able to occasionally throw tantrums. “The food can’t be compromised,” he spilled. “And if we see it being compromised by the staff or whatever, then that’s a problem.” He explained:

Food is all about timing and if it’s not going out, it’s getting cold or it’s getting soggy, or whatever it is. [So] I do think good chefs should throw their toys occasionally. I think if you’re a pushover as a chef, then your food is going to be compromised. I believe that.

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