Brittany Cartwright’s Eyebrows Slammed by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans

Getty Images Brittany Cartwright slammed for thick eyebrows.

In January 2022, former “Vanderpump Rules” star Brittany Cartwright was announced as the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig. The mother-of-one is dedicated to reaching her pre-baby weight, and joining forces with the weight loss brand seemed like a no-brainer for her.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with Jenny Craig. Being at my healthiest and having energy throughout the day is so important to me, especially now as a new mom. Max Up is all about giving people the tools to build healthier habits for their well-being and feeling good in your own skin, which aligns perfectly with my own health goals. I’m excited to join a community that supports me and empowers me to be the best version of myself,” Cartwright said as part of the company’s official press release.

In addition to Jenny Craig, Cartwright also promotes other brands on social media as a way to earn some money. In a recent video shared to her Instagram Stories, she was letting her followers know about Navy Hair Care. In her video, she added a poll, and she had a spelling error that was called out by at least one Redditor.

Her misspelling wasn’t the only problem that people had with the video, however. Several VPR fans took to the Reddit thread to criticize Cartwright’s eyebrows.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think That Cartwright’s Eyebrows Look ‘Hideous’

In Carwright’s video, she asked her 1.6 million followers if any of them had experienced postpartum hair loss. “Did you loose [sic] your hair or have a lot of breakage after giving birth?” the former reality star wrote, adding a poll. It was the misspelling of the word “lose” that kicked off a Reddit thread.

“Ugh. It’s LOSE,” the original poster wrote, sharing a screenshot of Cartwright’s Instagram video. The thread quickly turned into people discussing Cartwright’s eyebrows.

“I can’t take her seriously with those hideous eyebrows,” one person commented.

“Seriously, what are those? Are they tattooed on, because there is nothing else on her face,” another comment read. Someone else in the thread responded that Cartwright’s eyebrows appear to be microbladed.

“Whoever microbladed her eyebrows should be sued,” a third Reddit user added.

“They look like nearly trimmed old man eyebrows. They actually caused me a little shock when I first saw this,” a fourth comment read.

“Why are none of her friends telling her about her eyebrows?” a fifth person questioned.

VPR Fans Have Criticized Cartwright’s Eyebrows in the Past

Over the past year or so, Cartwright’s eyebrows have been a topic of conversation on Reddit. In June 2021, for example, a thread all about the former reality star’s eyebrows was started, and more than 50 people chimed in to share their thoughts.

“I recently did a rewatch and Brattanys eyebrows get HIGHER AND HIGHER with every season while her personality gets sh******,” the original poster wrote, kicking off the thread.

“Brittany’s eyebrows are incredibly severe by season 8 and it befits her awful personality,” one person commented.

“Botox brows,” someone else suggested.

“It’s just that she has ugly eyebrows. I hate that shape,” a third comment read.

“They’re sperm brows at one point… that shape is horrible… then later it becomes the Botox that holds them up that high,” a fourth person added.

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