VPR Alum Says She & Husband Yelled at Each Other the Day Their Child Came Home

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Former “Vanderpump Rules” stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright became parents in April 2021, when they welcomed their son, Cruz. During a June 2022 interview on the “Betches Moms” podcast, Cartwright discussed how Taylor has adjusted to parenthood. 

“He does everything which I think is really shocking, like I knew he would be a good dad, like changing diapers, waking up in the middle of the night,” stated the mother of one. 

The 33-year-old then asserted that her husband “loves his son and he’s been doing great.”

During the “Betches Moms” interview, the former reality television personality also revealed that she and Taylor got into a fight the day they brought their son home from the hospital. 

“A funny story — I will say that coming home from the hospital, like the drive home, [Taylor] was driving me nuts,” shared Cartwright. “And it’s the first time with our child like leaving the hospital and he was going so slow and he’s being like so weird, and he’s getting mad at traffic because L.A. has the worst traffic ever anyways. So he’s like so mad about it and then we’re sitting here and yelling at each other, I was like this is our first day with our child, we’ve got to relax. It’s like he’s going to be fine if we get there, it’s going to be okay, he’s going to be just fine. But that ride home was definitely something else for him.”

She also noted that her husband did not want to carry their son upstairs out of safety concerns. 

“He wouldn’t even carry the baby up the stairs, I had to carry him up the stairs for like the first four months probably and then he was like okay I got this now,” said the Kentucky native. 

Brittany Cartwright Revealed She & Jax Taylor Would Like To Move Away From Los Angeles

During an April 2022 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, Cartwright revealed that she and Taylor, who is from Michigan, intend to move away from Los Angeles. 

“I miss my family and friends in Kentucky but I love the L.A. weather, I love my home, I’m very grateful for the things that I have here but a hundred percent eventually we’ll move closer to family,” said Cartwright. 

She explained that Taylor is “just kind of like over” living in California. She also suggested that she would like her family members to watch Cruz. 

“[Taylor] loves it here too at times, but at the same time, his family’s in Michigan, my family’s in Kentucky. We want to have more kids, so it would be great to have some help. We don’t even have a babysitter yet,” said Cartwright with a laugh. 

She disclosed that she and Taylor take turns watching their son when either of them wants to spend time with their friends. 

“He’ll watch the baby so I can go out with my friends, I’ll watch the baby so he can go out with his friends so it’s going to be fun for us to go out more often, there’s times of course, when I’m out on vacation where my mom has come with us and we’ve had a couple friends watch Cruz a couple times, but yeah we have not had a babysitter, not one time,” stated the 33-year-old. 

Jax Taylor Shared Pictures of His Son on Instagram

On June 13, 2022, Taylor took to Instagram to share three pictures of him and Cruz that were taken in Kentucky. 

“So fortunate to have a family with a beautiful farm with animals for my son to grow up with. Nothing makes Britt and I happier than being out here enjoying God’s country. #family #dadlife ✝️💟,” read the caption of the post. 

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