Brittany Cartwright Issues Angry Statement as Separation From Jax Taylor Takes a Turn

Brittany Cartwright

Heavy/Bravo Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright has had “enough” of people commenting about her family following her separation from  Jax Taylor.

Two months after “The Valley” couple announced their split, Cartwright posted a fiery message to her Instagram story. The post seemed to be fueled by the commentary surrounding Taylor’s recent outings with Instagram/OnlyFans creator Paige Woolen.

Cartwright specifically told commenters to leave her three-year-old son, Cruz, out of the drama.

“You can reel in the drama of my life I don’t care,” Cartwright wrote on May 28, 2024. “But leave my innocent son’s name out of it!!!! Don’t act like you know anything about him watching 30 minutes of a show recorded last summer. I do everything I possibly can for him so how dare some of you! ENOUGH he is perfect and innocent child and I will not have strangers acting like they know what’s going on in his life. Talk about me talk about his father I don’t care but enough is enough.”

On May 28, @thebravobabe Instagram account shared alleged screenshots of Cartwright firing back at a social media commenter who questioned how her co-parenting arrangement with Taylor will last now that he’s dating.

“Excuse me my son is off limits,” Cartwright wrote. “My son is with me the majority of the time. Don’t act like you all know anything about our situation.”

Cartwright also wrote that she takes her son to all of his speech sessions and other appointments. She told commenters to leave her child’s name out of their mouths.

Cartwright’s statement came hours after Tayor posted a photo to X of him snuggling with Cruz. “Best buds,” he captioned the pic.

Brittany Cartwright Said Her Son Is Her Priority

Cartwright and Taylor’s son  has been featured in the first season of “The Valley.” Fans have seen the toddler work with a speech therapist due to delays with verbal communication.

After her split from Taylor was announced, Cartwright vowed to remain amicable with her estranged husband so they could co-parent Cruz.

Speaking on the “When Reality Hits With Jax & Brittany” podcast in March, Cartwright said she was taking her separation from Taylor “one day at a time.” “I don’t know what the future holds, but right now my focus is on being the best mom to Cruz,” she added.

Taylor said something similar in March. He told E! News, “I gotta do what’s best for my son, He’s number one and we both agree on that. It’s about knowing he’s got two loving parents that love him to death and he’s gonna have the best life possible, whether we are together or not.”

Brittany Cartwright Hinted That Things Were Worse With Jax Taylor Behind the Scenes

BravoTHE VALLEY — “Capri Chaos” Episode 104 — Pictured: (l-r) Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo)

Fans have seen some of Cartwright and Taylor’s marital drama play out on “The Valley.” But amid his outings with Woolen, the Kentucky native hinted that things were even worse than fans realize.

After photos of Taylor and Woolen were posted online, Cartwright reshared an Instagram meme of a woman making a shocked face with the caption: “Watching ‘The Valley’ with someone who is shocked by Jax Taylor.” “Thank you & just imagine what I’ve been through behind closed doors,” Cartwright wrote.

Despite their disagreements, the former couple seems to be united when it comes to their co-parenting situation. Shortly after Cartwright made her post about keeping Cruz off limits, Taylor shared an Instagram story that showed he checked with her on their son’s outfit for school. The exes texted amicably about their son while Cartwright was away for work. “He looks so handsome, did he geta nap in?” Cartwright asked Taylor of their son in the text exchange.

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