Brittany Cartwright Teases Timeline for Move Out of L.A.

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

Bravo Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Brittany Cartwright opened up about her plan to move out of California with her husband Jax Taylor. The former “Vanderpump Rules” star cleared up some confusion in a recent interview with podcast host David Yontef.

In December 2020, four months before the birth of their first child, Cruz, Cartwright and Taylor announced their joint exit from “Vanderpump Rules,” which was recently renewed for a 10th season. Because the two are no longer on the show, they no longer have to live in the Los Angeles area where the Bravo hit is filmed.

Taylor even recently claimed that he and Cartwright plan to make a major move to Florida. In a Cameo video that was reshared on Reddit, the former SUR bartender teased that he and Cartwright are moving to Clearwater, Florida “very soon.”

But Cartwright was singing a slightly different tune in the new interview.

Brittany Cartwright Teased That the Couple Will Eventually Move to Kentucky

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

GettyJax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

In a May 23, 2022 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Cartwright revealed that the plan is to move closer to her home state of Kentucky—eventually. Cartwright said that while she loves the L.A. weather and her Valley Village home, she misses her family and friends back in Kentucky more.

“I’m very grateful for the things that I have here, but 100 percent eventually we’ll move back closer to family,” she revealed.

Cartwright noted that with Taylor’s family living in Michigan and her family in Kentucky, living in California will make less sense as they expand their family.

“We want to have more kids, so it would be great to have some help,” she said. “We don’t even have a babysitter yet. …Not one time, not like an actual babysitter, no nanny, no nothing.”

“I think it’s just more so about like whenever we want to have more kids and stuff,” she said of the timeline to move. “And you know, once our family grows, it’ll just be easier, like I said, to be around family. …My mom and my dad, I know they feel like they miss so much of Cruz’s life, you know? And they, they, they want to see him. I send them pictures and stuff all the time. And I just, I feel kind of sad that we’re so far away.”

Brittany Cartwright Said Jax Taylor Wants to Move More Than She Does

In the interview, Cartwright noted that her husband has lived in California longer than she has, so he is ready to relocate. “Jax been here way longer than me, like 10 years longer than me. And I think he’s just kind of like kind of over it, I guess,” she said.

“He’s the one that is wanting to do it more than me,” she added. “He’s the one that’s like pushing for it more than me. He wants either to move to Kentucky or Florida. So those are like his two options. And I was like shocked that he wanted to move to Kentucky, but he loves my friends and stuff too. And he loves my family. He loves my mom. Like he is so excited for her to come stay with us for a month. And that’s awesome. That just makes me so happy.”

Taylor has been open about his desire to move out of California and has long said he doesn’t want to raise his family there. He previously told “Access” he wants his kids to grow up in the kind of neighborhood he grew up in.

“I’m a Midwest guy, my wife’s from Kentucky. We grew up with a different lifestyle,” he said. “I don’t want my kids to miss out on what I had growing up and took for granted– living in cul de sacs, having the neighborhood kids, going to public schools, and just being around family.”

During an Instagram Live with his fans in late 2021, Taylor talked about a potential move to Kentucky and dished that he wants to open a steakhouse there someday. According to Reality Blurb, at the time he said he wanted to make Kentucky his home “in the foreseeable future.”

“Maybe next year, if I can talk Brittany into it,” he said. “I want to raise my kid in Kentucky [but] I’ve got to get Brittany on board.”

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