Brittany Cartwright Addresses Rumors About Her Marriage to Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Vanderpump Rules” alum Brittany Cartwright is responding to rumors about her marriage to her husband, Jax Taylor.

On the February 22 episode of her and her husband’s podcast, “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany,” Cartwright stated that she was aware some fans speculated about the state of her relationship after Taylor went on a trip without her to Canada. She noted that several social media users commented on a picture that showed Taylor sitting close to their publicist.

“She’s our publicist. And a very good friend of mine,” said Cartwright. “A photo like that — people, I know were saying a lot of crap about it. But it really wasn’t that big of deal.”

The Kentucky native then addressed rumors that she and Taylor were having relationship issues.

“I will say marriage is hard. People go through up and downs all the time. And it’s completely normal. Sometimes people might need their space,” said Cartwright. “Sometimes they won’t. I just think that the media takes things and runs with it, without knowing the true facts.”

Cartwright also stated that some Bravo fans believed that she and her husband, who will star in the upcoming series, “The Valley,”  had fabricated relationship issues for publicity. She stated that is not the case.

“I just want to make one thing clear — that is that my life is not a publicity stunt. For anything,” said the mother of one. “We filmed ‘The Valley’ months ago, months and months and months ago. And we’re super excited for this to come out. There’s been so many changes that’s been happening in every single couple’s lives. Every single couple on the show. So I want to make that very clear.”

She also encouraged fans to “respect people’s privacy a little bit.”

Jax Taylor Addressed Rumors on Social Media

Reality Blurb reported that Taylor commented on rumors that he and Cartwright split on social media. On February 17, Taylor took to Instagram to share an image from his Montreal vacation. In the comments section, a social media user questioned if Taylor and Cartwright are “not together anymore.” When Taylor replied, “Why would you say that … I can’t take a trip [without] my wife for work,” another social media user explained that “gossip sites are saying you cheated.”

“Wow… after everything that happened… seriously,” responded Taylor.

Brittany Cartwright Spoke About Her Dynamic With Jax Taylor on ‘The Valley’

In an exclusive interview with Heavy on January 30, Cartwright spoke about filming “The Valley” with her husband. She stated that their dynamic together has changed since they last filmed “Vanderpump Rules” together in 2020. The mother of one explained that she and Taylor are focused on raising their 2-year-old son, Cruz. She also stated she was looking forward to fans to see her and Taylor as parents.

In addition, she discussed having to face online criticism and rumors as a public personality. She stated that “that’s probably the hardest part about being on reality TV because a lot of people think that they know everything.”

“We get judged a little bit more than the average person would. You know, like it’s just a different thing and we are very grateful for our fans,” stated Cartwright. “We have so many more positive people on there. But then the negative comments that you do get just stand out louder because they are hurtful and they are mean. And I would never go on someone else’s page and write hurtful or mean things or start rumors.”

New “Vanderpump Rules” episodes air on Tuesdays on Bravo. “The Valley” does not yet have a release date.