Brittany Cartwright Caught Snapping at Jax Taylor on Amazon Live

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

Getty Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have put on a united front since their joint exit from “Vanderpump Rules”  last December, but there appeared to be some tension during a recent Amazon Live spot.

On December 3, Brittany hosted a shopping segment to peddle holiday gifts and décor as part of her role in the platform’s Amazon Influencer Program. Brittany showed off holiday-themed pillows, metal signs, and candy cane trees while wearing a festive red and white pajama set. Jax also turned up in the segment—wearing a green elf suit.

But all was not merry and bright between the couple, as some fans noticed.

Brittany Was Caught Snapping at Jax Just as the Live Segment Began

At the very beginning of the Amazon Live segment,  Jax’s voice was heard off-camera as Brittany held the couple’s son Cruz while setting up her video session. The Kentucky native then chastised her husband before beaming for the camera to announce, “We’re getting ready to go live!”

In a Reddit thread, a poster pointed out the tension that appeared to be going on between the two.

“At the very beginning of this, Brittany says to Jax, “You should not have done what you did. It’s ridiculous.’ Then, immediately, is all ‘Yayy, we’re about to go LIVE!!,’ when she thinks it’s recording. Trouble in paradise?” the OP wrote.

A second commenter also noted what was said: “I turned my volume RIGHT UP,” the commenter wrote. “JAX: ‘Should have more respect.’ Brit: ‘Not doing what you did, that was ridiculous.’”

Others speculated that there “for sure” seemed like trouble between the two, with some noting that the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion was taping at the time the couple’s Amazon Live aired.

“Jax probably raged at someone because the reunion is filming today and he needed attention,” one Redditor wrote.

“Mhmmmm, sounds like Jax went off on someone,” another agreed. “If you can hear the beginning he says ‘she had no respect.‘ I wonder who he’s talking about. “

Some fans speculated that Jax may have been weighing in on the Randall Emmett and Lala Kent breakup drama, which is sure to be addressed on the season 9 reunion. Jax is close friends with Randall, but in a recent interview with “Access,” Brittany revealed that she is Team Lala.

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Will Be the First Reunion Without Jax

Vanderpump Rules stars

BravoVanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, Lisa Vanderpump, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor

Lisa Vanderpump confirmed the “Vanderpump Rules” season 9 reunion filmed on the same day as Brittany’s Amazon Live. In the caption to an Instagram video of her on the stage with Bravo host Andy Cohen on December 3, Vanderpump wrote, “It was a hell of a day #PumpRules #Reunion.”

Jax was an original cast member on “Vanderpump Rules” when it debuted in 2013, so the 2021 reunion is the first one he will miss. He previously told the “Daddy Issues” podcast that he only misses one thing about the Bravo reality show.

“I was on the show for nine years… but the only thing I’m gonna miss about it is the paycheck,” the former “Vanderpump Rules” star said.

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Lesa Sheridan Buckley
Lesa Sheridan Buckley
1 month ago

I loved lvp rules not so much any more, I think the firing of some of the former cast was unfair there’s nothing anyone watching of any color that hasn’t said or done something of a racist nature, that we would all cringe at now if we were subject to a review of it now, how many times have we said things w/Asian influences, etc. I have friends of every race, everyone is as guilty as the next, why Stasi, Katie, Jax, Britney was just collateral damage, why they were the only ones singled out Is Preposterous, 💯 unfair! Tom Sandoval is acting like a tool this season, it’s apparent his semi-success has gone to his head! What a douche, knock it off Tom, there’s still time to Swartz yourself, I know there’s still that likable guy in there, be humble and kind! Btw the bar name really really does SUCK BUBA’S would
even be Better! I know without a doubt I could come up with a better name than Swartz and Sandy’s it’s lame man, lame!

Last edited 1 month ago by Lesa Sheridan Buckley
Blake Kensington
Blake Kensington
1 month ago

Well, according to both Jax AND Brittany, they left the show of their own volition — they were never fired.
So, even if everyone else was brought back, the invitation STILL shouldn’t be extended to them, because they weren’t fired… 😁

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