Fans Question Authenticity of Brittany Cartwright’s Engagement Ring

Getty Images Did Jax Taylor get Brittany Cartwright the same kind of ring that Randall Emmett for Lala Kent?

Just weeks after Lala Kent revealed that Randall Emmett bought her a cheap, brown diamond, and had it treated to change its color, some fans are wondering if Jax Taylor did the same thing with his wife’s engagement ring.

After getting engaged to Emmett, The “Vanderpump Rules” star sported her $150,000 engagement ring around, and often showed off the stunning piece of jewelry. After she broke things off from Emmett, however, she went to a jeweler where she learned that her ring wasn’t actually worth more than $100k.

“I ask my jeweler, who I’m talking to, what is this ring really worth? He tells me this diamond was most likely brown and that he would give me… ‘in the teens’ [for it],” she shared on the December 15, 2021, episode of her “Give Them Lala” podcast.

Now, some fans are wondering if Brittany’s engagement ring got the Randall treatment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think That Jax & Randall’s Friendship Suggests That Jax May Have Been Negatively Influenced

It’s no secret that Jax and Randall had a close relationship for much of the past year. After Randall was accused of cheating on Lala, some fans became curious about Jax. Some wondered if Jax knew what Randall was up to and others actually accused Jax of being involved in some — if not all — of Randall’s secret life.

The same goes for fans thinking that Jax may have purchased a severely discolored diamond for Brittany and having it color treated — not unlike what Lala said Randall did with her ring.

“Does anyone else think Brittany’s engagement ring could also be fake? I feel like he probably learned it from his friend Rand,” a Redditor wrote, opening a new thread.

“I’ve thought that for a long time! Fake or not, it’s very pretty. But didn’t he say he spent like 40k or some ridiculous amount on it? Lying about all of it would be classic Jax,” one person commented.

“Lala’s was a color enhanced diamond. In other words it was a bad quality diamond in terms of color and underwent a chemical process to make it closer to colorless. This process is documented on the diamond’s report and significantly reduces the price and value. I don’t know about Brittany’s but hers looks rather tacky too just like Lala’s,” added another.

“I always assume all large ‘diamonds’ are fake,” a third person commented.

“I think Jax/Brittany ring is real, but also probably a trash diamond like [Lala’s],” a fourth comment read.

Brittany’s Ring Was Designed by Jeweler Kyle Chan & Is Said to Be Worth $70k

Other fans brought up some good points when it comes to Brittany’s engagement ring. One thing to remember is that Jax and Randall used different jewelers. While designer Richie Rich was responsible for creating Lala’s ring, Jax turned to trusted jeweler and his friend, Kyle Chan, for Brittany’s bauble.

“Designing Jax and Brittany’s ring was very exciting and emotional to me, because they are close friends of mine that I adore,” the jeweler told Bravo back in 2018. “Making their ring was also a bit scary, because you absolutely want to make the perfect ring for people you care about,” he added.

Some Redditors suggested that Jax wouldn’t actually spend the money that he received when his dad died on a ring that was “fake” or discolored.

“I don’t think it’s fake it makes sense that Jax would blow all his dads inheritance on something like that,” one person commented on the thread.

“Jax got a nice ring because it made himself feel good and boosted his ego. It had absolutely nothing to do with pleasing Brittany,” another Reddit user wrote.

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