Brittany Cartwright Slammed After Announcing New Weight Loss Gig With Jenny Craig

Getty Images Brittany Cartwright has inked a deal with Jenny Craig and fans have responded.

Brittany Cartwright has teamed up with Jenny Craig in an effort to take off the weight that she put on while she was pregnant with her son, Cruz. The former “Vanderpump Rules” star explained her weight loss struggles to People magazine. The interview was published on January 11, 2022.

“I want to be the best version of myself for my son. Since having Cruz, postpartum weight loss has been a struggle and something I’ve been very vocal about with my community,” Cartwright explained. “I’d like to get back to feeling like my best self all around, including both mental and physical health,” she added.

Cartwright is hoping to lose at least 30 pounds on the new Max Up program that Jenny Craig offers. The former reality star has been sharing some of the intense workouts that she’s been doing via her Instagram Stories over the past few months, but she is feeling like she needs to try something new to get her where she wants to be.

Cartwright took to Instagram on January 11, 2022, to announce the new collaboration, and to further express how hard it has been for her to lose weight after giving birth.

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING. It is something I’ve struggled with and continues to be a goal I’m working toward. Being my healthiest is my top priority as a new mom, and the support of Jenny Craig is going to get me there,” Cartwright captioned a post.

Here’s what you need to know:

While Fans on Instagram Seemed Supportive, Redditors Slammed Cartwright’s Latest Collaboration

Shortly after Cartwright announced that she was the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig, several fans praised her using the comments section on her Instagram post. Several let her know that she looked great, and wished her well on her new weight loss journey.

“You are beautiful without this program and you will be beautiful with it,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Yay! Go girl!!! I’m excited to watch your journey as I have a 9m old and struggling myself,” another added.

However, as is the case many times, Redditors were less kind about Cartwright’s deal with Jenny Craig.

“Wow. Weight Watchers gets Oprah and James Corden and Jenny Craig gets a fired reality tv ‘star,'” one Redditor commented on a thread about Cartwright’s new gig.

“I’d have more respect for Jenny Craig if they had a real, honest, dedicated mom as a spokesperson. That’s who I’d take inspiration from. Not Brittany — that has promoted [five] different bikes, [three] apps, has a nutritionist [and] personal trainer — Cartwright,” added another.

“Jenny Craig doesn’t seem as big as it used to be. Spokesperson budget cut?” a third comment read.

“Jenny Craig must be desperate,” another person wrote.

Many People Criticized the Way Cartwright Looked in Her Photo for People

While plenty of people focused on the news at hand — Cartwright inking a deal with Jenny Craig — others felt as though Cartwright’s photo for her People magazine photoshoot looked disproportionate.

Several Redditors commented on the photo itself, some blaming the person responsible for editing the pic prior to its publication.

“I was just going to post a screenshot of this picture, why are her boobs pointed out and up so high? She didn’t get a perky boob job, she got the tear drop hanging kind. Nothing wrong with that! I just mean that her fake boobs don’t even look like this picture shows them as,” one person commented.

“I’m going to blame whoever was in charge of editing this promo pic,” added another.

“I need someone who is in the bra industry to please send her some samples. That bra she’s wearing is all wrong and does her no favors,” a third comment read.

“Her boobs are in a different time zone,” another person wrote.

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