Brittany Cartwright Shares Another Weight Loss Photo After Dropping 20 Pounds

Brittany Cartwright.

Getty Images Brittany Cartwright shows off weight loss.

Brittany Cartwright is Jenny Craig’s newest spokesperson. The former “Vanderpump Rules” star teamed up with the company in hopes of getting her pre-baby body back — and making some side cash while she’s at it.

“My weight loss and fitness journey has been no secret since having Cruz—I’ve tried EVERYTHING. It is something I’ve struggled with and continues to be a goal I’m working toward. Being my healthiest is my top priority as a new mom, and the support of Jenny Craig is going to get me there,” Cartwright said in a statement, posted on Jenny Craig’s Instagram account in January 2022.

Since that announcement, Cartwright has taken off more than 20 pounds. “It’s going amazing, I’m feeling so good. This is the first time in a long time I felt comfortable wearing a tank top, and that is a big deal for me,” Cartwright said on her Instagram Stories in mid-March 2022.

Cartwright has kept up with her new eating habits, and has continued on a workout routine that works for her. On March 22, 2022, she shared another picture that really showed off her weight loss.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cartwright Has Been Pairing Exercise With Her Jenny Craig Plan

Cartwright has worked out with a personal trainer and has also taken to biking at home when she can’t get to the gym. She has a MYX Fitness stationary bike at her home, and jumps on for a ride whenever she can make the time.

“I’m sure y’all know, things can get extremely busy and finding time to keep up with my workout routine can sometimes feel impossible. I love my MYX II bike because they have classes ranging from 10-60 minutes so I can squeeze in an effective workout anytime,” Cartwright captioned her Instagram post.

It didn’t take long for friends and fans to fill up the comments section of the post, most letting Cartwright know how great she looks.

“Looking incredible mama. Wow,” one comment read.

“You look amazing,” someone else wrote.

“Girl! U are living proof it’s possible. I love, love, love, that you are so realistic about our mommy bodies that so many people try to sell or push u realistic expectations. You’re an inspiration,” read a third comment.

Cartwright Is Hoping to Lose 30 Pounds Total

Toward the end of March 2022, Cartwright did a photoshoot with Jenny Craig, and she shared some behind-the-scenes photos and videos on her Instagram Stories.

“So excited to show y’all my progress,” she said in one of the clips, according to Page Six.

Cartwright had a few different looks for the shoot, which was meant to show off her weight loss progress. Page Six reports that Cartwright, 33, has set a goal of 30 pounds for her weight loss journey, and she is almost there.

Cartwright previously had trouble losing weight after giving birth, and revealed that her biggest challenge is snacking — but Jenny Craig has helped with that.

“I realized, like, I was snacking so much. Like, me and Jax would sit on the couch, watch movies, watch Netflix, whatever, and we just love to snack. And that adds up over time. So, with the intermittent fasting, and Jenny Craig has snacks that are amazing,” she previously shared on her Instagram Stories.

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