Brock Davies Gives Emotional Update on His Relationship With Lala Kent

Brock Davies

Heavy/NBCUniversal Brock Davies of 'Vanderpump Rules."

Brock Davies opened up about his friendship with Lala Kent – and it was a long time coming.

The “Vanderpump Rules” stars did not get along when Davies first joined the show in season 9 as Scheana Shay’s new boyfriend. Early on, Kent called out Davies as an absentee dad – at the time, he hadn’t seen his two older children, who live in Australia, in four years due to a child support dispute with his ex —  and she doubted that his relationship with Shay would last.

But the former foes have come a long way in two years. In an Instagram post shared on March 29, 2023, Davies thanked Kent for the friendship they have formed since both welcoming daughters in 2021.

Brock Davies Reflected on His Own Childhood in a Poignant Post

On his Instagram page, Davies shared a video of his nearly 2-year-old daughter Summer Moon, walking and holding hands with Kent’s daughter, Ocean Kent. The two toddlers were born a month apart in early 2021.

Davies captioned the clip to reveal that he had a difficult childhood that wasn’t at all consistent.

“Growing up, I went to 15 schools in 12 years. At the age of 4 I lost 1 1/2 fingers in a farming accident. I suffered a lot from bullying and a learning disability. I dreaded school, and I struggled in class,” he wrote. “Thank you @lalakent for this friendship, it’s bigger than us.”

He added that all he wants for all of his kids is “consistency in parenting, “consistency in friendships,” and “consistency in emotional development.”

Davies’ post made it pretty clear that he hopes Summer will have a lifelong bond with Ocean.

Fans reacted to Davies’ heartfelt post.

“I  love how you and Lala are forging a new friendship, it’s so nice to see you all together with your daughters😊well done, everyone,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“I  love seeing how far ya’ll have come and being able to see the big picture,”  another wrote. “You all have shown how you can learn from your mistakes and become better people and I seriously love this friendship and think it’s for life. Forget all the hate and drama. This is what it’s about. “

Brock Davies’ Post Came After an Emotional “Vanderpump Rules” Scene With Lala Kent

Lala Kent Brock Davies

GettyLala Kent and Brock Davies.

Davies’ post was shared following the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 episode “By Invitation Only.” During the episode, Davies and Kent reflected on how their friendship has grown after a rocky start. Kent also admitted that it was never her place to judge Davies’ parenting, to which he told her, “That’s what good friends do.”

In a confessional, Kent described Davies as “an incredible husband to Scheana” and “an amazing dad.” “And the way that he treats my baby, I really love that dude a lot,” she added as she began to tear up.

Shay also talked about the bond and made a surprising reveal. “Lala and I have made so much progress in our friendship,” the “Good as Gold” singer said. “We’ve even talked about getting a house here together, just raising the girls together, just having [an] unconventional, modern family sort of life.” “Brock will absolutely help with both girls,” Shay added.

Kent is raising Ocean as a single mom following her messy split from her child’s father, Randall Emmett, in 2021.

Lala Kent Bought a House Next to Brock Davies & Scheana Shay

The emotional ‘”Vanderpump Rules” scene was filmed in August 2022. Since that time, Kent has confirmed that she did buy a house right next to Davies and Shay’s vacation home in Palm Springs, California.

“I just bought a house next to you,” Kent said to Shay on the March 10 episode of Dear Media’s “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” podcast.

According to The Dirt, Kent’s $1.35 million home was built in 2014 and features a single-story floor plan with three bedrooms and a view of the mountains. The house is slightly bigger than Shay and Davies’ house next door.

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