Brock Davies Calls Out Lala Kent for Shady Comments About His Finances

Brock Davies Lala Kent

Getty/Bravo Brock Davies and Lala Kent

Brock Davies threw shade at Lala Kent after watching her trash talk him on “Vanderpump Rules.”

In an interview on the “Tap in” podcast, the Bravo newcomer called out his co-star for things she has said about him behind his back regarding a surprise proposal and wedding he tried to pull off for his fiancée Scheana Shay.

Brock revealed the storyline was “spun” to make him look bad, and he accused Lala of saying he spends money on his business ventures but not on his bride. He then shaded the Give Them Lala Beauty founder and her breakup from Randall Emmett.

Brock Davies Said He’s Not Okay With Things Lala Kent Said About Him & His Finances

On the podcast, Brock ranted about Lala and how the recent proposal storyline was spun.

“My biggest pet peeve is…there’s a spin on the storylines that come out and it’s like we said before it’s one version or the other,” he told podcast host Harry Jowsey. “So my engagement-slash-wedding was gonna cost me a fair amount. It got canceled because of COVID, restrictions, and we couldn’t get the venue on the time and then they spun it, it was spun out as if I couldn’t afford to do any of this.”

He then called out Lala for talking about how much money he has spent promoting his Homebody app.

“[She’s like] I spent so much money on my Homebody brand and a photoshoot and all this ***, but I can’t afford to take care of my wife,” he said. “Which, fast forward six months to today, looks like she can’t afford to take care of her fiancé.”

“It is what it is,” he added. “She said some stuff and I’m not okay with it. Do you take money from your business for your personal life? So don’t assume that I’m gonna take money to afford a nice lifestyle for you from my business’s money because I’ll never do that. Simple. And that’s where we’re at, that’s the best tea you got coming for you.”

Brock Said the Venue Canceled His Plans, But Things Played out Differently on Vanderpump Rules

Brock Davies

BravoBrock Davies

On the December 28 episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” Brock approached Randall Emmett for help with his proposal plan. After he asked the film producer to help him stage a fake movie premiere that would serve as the setting for the proposal followed by an on-the-spot wedding, Randall enlisted Lala’s assistants to get to work on securing a venue.

But Lala shut things down when her assistant, Jess, asked if she should put the deposit for the venue on her credit card. She added that Brock went “radio silent” when Jess tried to contact him for his credit card information. Lala was later filmed telling Tom Sandoval that Brock seemed to think she and Randall were going to foot the bill for his proposal. She insinuated that Brock was looking for a “Tom Sandoval discount,” in a reference to when Sandoval paid for half of James Kennedy elaborate Coachella-themed proposal to his former fiancée, Raquel Leviss.

Brock later revealed that the venue “canceled” on him but said they could do the permit for him for $20,000.

“That got expensive real quick,“ he told Lala and Randall. “I love my girl, but have you checked my bank account lately? I’m paying child support that just started.”

“Anything that has to do with payment, Brock drops the ball,” Lala said in a  confessional. “I don’t know how he played football or rugby.”

Brock proposed to Scheana at their home in California in July 2021.

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