‘Southern Charm’ Star Offered a Spot on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

Southern Charm cast.

Bravo Someone from "Southern Charm" was invited to join "The Challenge."

In a new interview, someone from Bravo’s “Southern Charm” admitted that she was courted by MTV to join the network’s hit show, “The Challenge,” but said that she turned down the opportunity.

Cameran Eubanks, who was previously on “Southern Charm” for six seasons, told Us Weekly that she ended up saying no to MTV’s offer because of the time commitment.

What some “Southern Charm” fans may not realize is that Eubanks actually got her reality television start on MTV’s “The Real World.” She was on “The Real World San Diego” back in 2004.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eubanks Would Be Open to Joining the Cast of ‘The Challenge’ in the Future

Eubanks told Us Weekly that she couldn’t join the new season of the show because she simply didn’t think she could be away from her daughter for as long as she would be gone to film.

“They asked me to do the last ‘Challenge’ that they did, but unfortunately [you] had to commit to being gone for six weeks. I just don’t think I could be away from [my daughter] Palmer for six weeks,” she told the outlet.

Eubanks and her husband Jason Wimberly welcomed their first child together in 2017. The decision to have a baby wasn’t an easy one, and it’s something that Eubanks discussed with a therapist on an episode of “Southern Charm.”

“I guess in a nutshell I’m trying to figure out if I am just simply not maternal or if my decision is rooted in fear or anxiety. I feel like I’m giving up something. Everybody I talk to, they say, ‘Your life will change’ and I think, ‘But I love my life. I don’t want it to change.’ And so I feel like having a child is a potential for something to go wrong,” she said on the series in 2016, according to E! News.

Everything seemed to work out for Eubanks, however, and motherhood seems to suit her. She often shares photos of her daughter on Instagram.

In her interview with Us Weekly, the reality star went on to say that she wouldn’t be opposed to joining the cast of “The Challenge” in the future — if the time commitment was “less.” However, she doesn’t have high hopes of winning the show, even if she were to be cast.

“I would do horrible. I am like scrawny and not very competitive. No, I would suck,” she said.

Eubanks Enjoyed Her Time on ‘Southern Charm’ but Admits ‘That Chapter’s Closed’

Eubanks also told Us Weekly that she really had a blast filming “Southern Charm,” but she has no intention of joining another season.

“I closed that door and there’s really no need for me to go back. I don’t think it would necessarily serve a purpose. But the show’s doing great,” she said.

As for a future on reality television, Eubanks doesn’t really see one. “If I was to ever go back on television, it would have to be something boring that didn’t involve fighting or having to talk about people. It would have to be a whole different — no, I couldn’t do it,” she admitted.

In her book, “One Day You’ll Thank Me,” Eubanks shared that her decision to leave reality television behind happened when she became a mother.

“My mantra with social media if you are on a reality show: You don’t like the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Well, get out of the kitchen is exactly what I did after season six. At that point, I had a child and since becoming a mother, my priorities had changed. I also felt like I was at a different place in my life. It was time to move on,” she wrote, according to People magazine.

“I’m pretty certain I am done with reality TV, though. I’ve got two shows under my belt, and at this point I am enjoying the simpler life without a camera in my face,” reads an excerpt from her book.

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