Cameran Eubanks Dishes on Having More Children

Cameran Eubanks

Getty Cameran Eubanks in 2019

Cameran Eubanks may no longer star on Southern Charm, but she still shares parts of her life with fans. Prior to season seven, Eubanks announced she was leaving the Bravo franchise after six seasons, in mid-May. Since her departure, the cast has kept the show alive, and Eubanks has focused on her 3-year-old daughter Palmer Corrine.

As Southern Charm fans know, Eubanks struggled with the decision of whether or not she and her husband Jason Wimberly should have kids together. “I never had any [maternal desires],” Eubanks said on an episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast in February. “I have it now because I’m a mom but it took a while for it to develop after I had Palmer. It didn’t come naturally.”

When it comes to another kid, Eubanks admits she is hesitant. “The thought of more than one child to be in charge of, it overwhelms me so bad,” she said. “I don’t know, maybe something will click in my mind and I’ll wake up one morning and say, ‘I can do this.’”

Eubanks added, “Bringing a human life into the world is a huge decision and it is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Eubanks Confessed What She Really Wanted to Name Her Daughter

The 37-year-old One Day You’ll Thank Me author shared that deciding on a baby name was not easy for Wimberly and herself.

“I hated the name Palmer,” she admitted on Reality Life with Kate Casey. “I did not like it. Jason loved it. Everyone thinks it’s some old, Southern family name. It’s not. It means nothing… I wanted to name her Larken and call her Lark. I thought it was so beautiful and Jason thought it was hideous.”

Eubanks has since come around to the name, and she has been experiencing all the wonderful adventures that motherhood brings. She does confess that she still values her alone time.

“If I know Jason and Palmer are here and I’m coming home from somewhere, I’ll just fake it and sit in the car and not pull in the garage so he doesn’t hear me,” she jokingly revealed. “I just sit there in silence because Palmer, she’s three now and she’s a rowdy three.”

Eubanks Revealed if She Would Ever Return to ‘Southern Charm’

The mother of one shared in her memoir that she does not have plans to return to Southern Charm. Eubanks was an original cast member, along with Shep Rose and Craig Conover.

“The drama on reality TV lately has taken a dark turn and become something I don’t want to associate myself with anymore,” Eubanks wrote in her book, per People. “False accusations can be made and nasty rumors can be started for the sake of a ‘good show.’ It just started to feel a bit icky.”

Eubanks added that her time on Southern Charm was a, “very positive experience,” but she maintains that her time on the show has come to an end.

“I’m pretty certain I am done with reality TV, though,” she wrote. “I’ve got two shows under my belt, and at this point I am enjoying the simpler life without a camera in my face.”

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