Cameran Eubanks Reveals if She Would Return to ‘Southern Charm’

Getty Cameran Eubanks in 2016

Once upon a time, Cameran Eubanks shined on Southern Charm as the voice of reason. But after six seasons, Eubanks announced she was leaving the Bravo franchise in mid-May. Since her departure, the cast has kept the show alive, and Eubanks has focused on her 3-year-old daughter Palmer Corrine.

Eubanks also recently release a new memoir titled, One Day You’ll Thank Me. The 37-year-old mother shared in her book that she does not have plans to return to Southern Charm.

“The drama on reality TV lately has taken a dark turn and become something I don’t want to associate myself with anymore,” Eubanks wrote in her book, per People. “False accusations can be made and nasty rumors can be started for the sake of a ‘good show.’ It just started to feel a bit icky.”

Eubanks added that her time on Southern Charm was a, “very positive experience,” but she maintains that her time on the show has come to an end.

“I’m pretty certain I am done with reality TV, though,” she wrote. “I’ve got two shows under my belt, and at this point I am enjoying the simpler life without a camera in my face.”

Eubanks Announced Her Departure Among a Rumored Affair

The Southern Charm cast – minus Eubanks – began filming the seventh season in early 2020. Around the time Eubanks decided to leave the franchise, some cast members discussed a rumor going around Charleston regarding her marriage. Cast member Kathryn Dennis sat down with Craig Conover and shared a rumor she had heard that Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly, had been having an affair.

Around that time, posted a story alleging her husband had been having a two-year affair with local Charleston makeup artist Rebecca Leigh Wash. The two have been married since 2014, and Wimberly rarely appears on Southern Charm.

Eubanks has consistently denied the allegations and that they affected her decision to leave. The 36-year-old reality star posted a since deleted lengthy statement on her Instagram on May 13. “It has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles being written… some of which pertain to my marriage,” Eubanks wrote in her statement.

In the statement, Eubanks emphasized she had a reason for not showing her marriage on reality television. “While upsetting, it sadly doesn’t surprise me as this is what reality television has come to nowadays and a large reason why I kept my marriage off the air,” she said, as Wimberly has only appeared on the show once, during the season 6 finale. “You must protect what is sacred to you. Some things aren’t worth a big paycheck.”

The star concluded her statement by thanking her loyal fans and fellow cast members. “Now I absolutely know I was smart to leave the party early. My gut has never failed me. To all of the genuine and kind fans, cast and crew that I have worked with [throughout] the years and had the pleasure of knowing…thank you,” she wrote.

One Cast Member Thinks Eubanks Will Return

Close friend and original cast member Craig Conover believes that he can convince Eubanks to return to Southern Charm. “I know that she enjoyed doing it with us, you know, me and her and Shep [Rose] had been together since the beginning,” Conover told Us Weekly in October. “So that was tough, but I have a sneaky feeling that I would be able to get her back next year, but we’ll see what happens.”

The Sewing Down South founder added, “Yeah. I mean, you know, up until a day before filming, she was going to be filming with me and then all of a sudden she wasn’t, so I don’t know what happened, but something happened.” He shared that Eubanks “loves” doing the show, “so something happened and then she didn’t feel [it]” and didn’t film.

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