The ‘Stud of the Sea’ Evokes Massive Reaction From Fans With IG Post

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach on Watch What Happens Live

The “Stud of the Sea,” Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach, lived up to his name this week as he posted a new photo of himself on Instagram that had Bravo stars and fans flooding the comments with fire emojis and compliments.

On April 7, Rosbach posted a photo of himself shirtless, in a bathing suit, with fins, snorkels and a spear gun. He wrote in the caption, “Time to hunt for dinner, fish or bugs, not picky. Love the water, on top or down below.” Here is the post:

Several TV personalities took to the comments to show their appreciation for the beloved captain. Lindsay Hubbard wrote, “we might need to do an April MANness..” with many fire emojis. Jerry O’Connell commented, “Captain DAYUM!!!!”

Kelley Johnson, who worked for Captain Lee on two seasons of the hit Bravo show, wrote, “You should have let me mist you that day. Give you a little shimmer to finish off the look. miss you cap!” Ashling Lorger from season 8 commented, “STUD OF THE SEA.” Kasey Cohen from “Below Deck Med’s” 3rd season chimed in, “The STUD on LAND and SEA.”

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Fans Were Also Very Complimentary of the ‘Below Deck’ Captain

Fans were also quick to comment on Lee’s Instagram post to compliment the Bravo star, with one person writing, “And this is why eddie refers to him as boat daddy.” Another asked, “Damn bro eating your wheaties again?” One commenter said, “Captain has been hitting those weights. Nice job. You look great.”

“Oh captain my captain,” someone wrote. One of Lee’s followers said, “OMG my Captain Lee!!!! Keeping it toight. Looking like Neptune! Love you!” Another replied, “You look like some kind of Greek God that they just found Captain.” Someone said, “Change your name to Poseidon, and do it immediately.”

One of the Instagram comments was, “WELL WELL! Somebody has been working out! Ouch!” Yet another person wrote, “Wow Stud Alert !! Looking awesome !!” Someone said, “He’s putting 20 year olds to shame.” One of the comments stated, “Holy Silver Fox….”

Lee Has Been Open About His Health Issues in the Past

Several fans commented about how healthy Rosbach looked, as “Below Deck” viewers know the captain has had health struggles in the past. He revealed on social media in December 2021 that he was “in a hospital bed all week recovering from a serious spinal surgery.”

He said he has “severe spinal stenosis,” which means a narrowing of the spaces in the spine that can cause nerve pressure in the spinal area, the Mayo Clinic states. Rosbach also notably missed the beginning of the last season of “Below Deck.” The beloved captain was missing from the first episode of season 9 because of his Atrial fibrillation, or A-fib.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, A-fib is a sustained cardiac arrhythmia and “It occurs when there are too many electrical signals that normally control the heartbeat, causing the upper chambers of the heart (the atria) to beat extremely rapidly (more than 400 beats per minute) and quiver (fibrillate).”

The results of A-fib can include blood clots and stroke, with symptoms such as palpitations, fainting, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue and chest pain.

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