Did Captain Lee Quit Below Deck?

NBCUMV Captain Lee Rosbach

The “Below Deck” crew is facing some troubled waters this season.

With rotating crew members, boatmances, and crazed guests, there’s normally one constant throughout the seasons: Captain Lee Rosbach. But it looks like that all changes this season.

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Captain Lee appears to be missing at the beginning of the newest season of “Below Deck.” The trailer, as seen above, begins with a conversation between Captain Lee and his first officer Eddie Lucas. “I have a condition,” he tells Lucas. “The whole boat is your ballgame now.” Lucas responds in a confessional, “F*** my life.”

The show must go on, so Captain Sean Meagher steps in to temporarily take his place. The crew – especially Lucas – may not be his biggest fans, as he jokingly begs at one point, “Come back to me, Captain Lee. Come back to me, my boat daddy,” Lucas joking pleads in the trailer.”

Luckily for loyal “Below Deck” fans, Captain Lee does indeed make his return to “My Seanna.” Towards the end of the trailer, Captain Lee jumps aboard and says, “Might be a little late, but I’m definitely back.”

Season 9 of “Below Deck” premieres Monday, Oct. 25 (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

Captain Lee Has Opened up About His Absence

In the trailer, Captain Lee did not specify the “condition” that led to his absence, but he told E! Online on August 24 that he is, “much better.” He added, “The timing was mainly screwed up. Because we have such a tight shooting schedule, it was imperative that the guests’ charters start and end on time so it didn’t have a domino effect and impact every charter after that.”

He did confirm that his condition, “was not related to COVID at all.” Captain Lee dished, “It was a totally unique year. It’s unlike any other season that we’ve had, and I really enjoyed it.”

He continued saying “There was just a lot of different things this year, because of the circumstances in which we had to film. A lot of things that we’re used to doing, we couldn’t do because we had to stay within the confines of our bubble because of COVID, so we had to improvise in some situations, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes you can improvise and get extremely creative, which I like to think we’re pretty good at.”

This Won’t Be the First Time Captain Lee Couldn’t Be Aboard

Season nine isn’t the first time that Captain Lee has had a problem starting the season. Prior to season eight’s beginning, Captain Lee had to go to the hospital, and Lucas stepped up to make sure the crew was prepared for their first charter.

“I’m at the hospital right now,” Captain Lee told him over the phone. “I’m embarrassed to say that I feel in the shower, I went down pretty hard, and busted a couple of ribs. I might need surgery. If it’s bad, I may have to head home. Hell, this season may be over for me before it even starts.”

Lucas asked if he needed anything, to which Captain Lee asked Lucas to make sure the superyacht was ready. He detailed laundry and cleaning instructions and informed him that their first charter starts tomorrow.

“Captain Lee has been a mentor since the day I met him, and to now found out that he’s in the hospital is terrifying to me,” Lucas admits in a confessional. “If Lee doesn’t show up, this first charter isn’t going to be happening, so it’s very concerning.” Captain Lee did make it onboard later that day though.

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