Captain Lee Rosbach Shares Doubts About Latest ‘Below Deck’ Spinoff

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach was a key part of the success of “Below Deck” in the last several years and the franchise has really expanded since its debut, spawning four spinoff series.

In the last year, spinoffs “Below Deck Mediterranean” and “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” have been joined by “Below Deck Down Under” and most recently “Below Deck Adventure.” However, the latter is the first show to be produced by another company, Shed Media, instead of the other series’ production company 51 Minds.

While speaking with Hannah Ferrier on her podcast “Dear Reality, You’re Effed,” Rosbach appeared to shade the new production company and suggested that they might be “in waters they have no clue about.”

He explained that 51 Minds has learned with time all the ins and outs of filming their show. “We know what we have to do with the boats,” he told Ferrier. “We know what it takes to get a boat and know how we have to go about dealing with the owners.” He added, “We know how we have to go about dealing with locations and where to put the boat, and dockage, and all of that sort of thing, because we’ve made all the mistakes over 10 years.”

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Captain Lee Rosbach Stated That No One Called Him to Get His Thoughts or Advice on Filming

Ferrier told Rosbach on her podcast that she watched the first few episodes of “Below Deck Adventure” and said it was clear that it was a different production company. Rosbach admitted that he hadn’t watched the new show but said he was assuming the new production company thought “we could do this better” but once they started realized how big of an endeavor it is.

“And they have no clue,” he added. “Because as you know, everyone else involved with ‘Below Deck’ knows that the yachting community is a tough world. It truly is. And so if you’re going to jump in with both feet, you better have your fins on. S***’s gonna get ugly quick if you don’t.”

Ferrier agreed that on the newest spinoff she noticed “little slip-ups.” The longtime captain told her that no one reached out to him to ask him for advice or touch base, which he found very surprising.

Hannah Ferrier & Captain Lee Rosbach Expressed Concern About How Many ‘Below Deck’ Spinoffs There Are Now

The two longtime Bravo stars addressed the expansion of the “Below Deck” franchise and while they agreed it was impressive, they both expressed doubts about possible “oversaturation.”

Captain Lee told Ferrier that it was “flattering” to see how far the show has come but added, “Sometimes I wonder if maybe we’re not oversaturating and I hope not.” He explained that Bravo only has so many timeslots to share with other Bravo shows, including all the Housewives shows, but added that it was “out of my wheelhouse.”

Rosbach pointed out that there is already an overlap, with “Below Deck” season 10 premiering just a few weeks after the premiere of “Below Deck Adventure.” He said he hoped that it would all work out and network executives would realize “that maybe they need to dial some things back” if all the spinoffs start to have a negative impact on the overall franchise.

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