Captain Lee Rosbach Speaks Out on Captain Sandy Yawn’s Job as Temporary Captain

Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach

The crew of St. David went down a crew member this week on “Below Deck” after the deck/stew Camille Lamb was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn, who has been filling in temporarily for Captain Lee Rosbach.

The January 23 episode, titled “Diary of a Deckie,” began with Yawn telling Lamb that she had to let her go after she had a few clashes with other crew members and was warned about her attitude. Afterward, Captain Sandy reached out to Rosbach on a video call and informed him that she’d fired Lamb.

While Rosbach and Yawn’s call was very courteous and friendly, Captain Lee took to Twitter as the episode was airing to share that he wished Captain Sandy had called him before instead of after. “So I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before. Ok?” he first tweeted.

Someone asked him if he would have fired Lamb too if he was in Yawn’s position and he replied, “I would have fired her. but prior to that I would have notified the Captain who I was [replacing] what I was doing and why, not after the fact.” He agreed with a fan who wrote that Lamb “needed to go” and was “bad for the team.”

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Captain Lee Rosbach Responded to Several Tweets & Clarified That He Agreed With the Firing But That Captain Sandy Yawn’s Move ‘Lacked Respect’

Rosbach got a lot of responses from fans who pointed out that Captain Sandy was the acting captain of the yacht and had the authority to fire any of the crew. Captain Lee replied that he didn’t have an issue with the firing itself but that he wished he would have received a call ahead of time.

“As I have done in the past with other Captains I have filled in for, if there was one of their crew that I had to terminate, I did so, but only after letting the Captain that i was filling in for [know] what I was doing and why and before I did it. Its called respect,” he wrote in reply to one comment.

He said it wasn’t necessary to let him know beforehand but that it is “a sign of respect.” He added in another tweet, “Not disagreeing with the decision, just the fact that she contacted me after she did it without letting me know she was firing one of my crew.” The longtime “Below Deck” captain pointed out in another comment that he thought Yawn “made the right call” in firing Lamb. “But notifying the Capt you were filling in for is only respectful,” he added.

Another tweet by Captain Lee said that if the roles were reversed and he would have been filling in for Yawn on her yacht, he would have called her first. “How long does a phone call take,” he added. “It’s a matter of respect. But I guess that’s a thing of the past as well. I agree with her decision, just not letting me know before as opposed to after.”

Captain Lee was more forceful in his criticism in another tweet that said while he thought she made the right decision with the firing, it “lacked in procedure and respect.” He added that it was “Not very respectful. Not something I have ever done or would do.”

Captain Lee Rosbach Said That He Agreed With Captain Sandy Yawn’s Refusal to Move Anchorage Spots in the Episode

Captain Lee also addressed another moment in the episode, when Captain Sandy was asked by another yacht captain nearby to move to a different anchorage overnight as they were worried they would drift too close to motor yacht St. David.

Captain Sandy refused to move despite pressure from the other yacht, and several fans asked Captain Lee if he would have done the same. Rosbach answered that it was a “good call” and said, “Well done, I would have done the same.”

He said it can be hard to find a good anchorage in Saint Lucia so it’s best to hold on to a good one when possible.

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