Captain Lee Rosbach Says Some Guests Turn Into ‘Monsters’ on ‘Below Deck’

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach opened up about his experiences filming the hit Bravo show “Below Deck” for 10 seasons now and gave his thoughts on some of the charter guests he’s seen over the years.

Rosbach appeared on former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville’s podcast, “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered,” and she pointed out that it seemed as though sometimes he was happy to spend time with the charter guests and other times he looked “very annoyed” by them, as Rosbach said, “Bingo!” Glanville asked, “Do they not realize what they signed up for?” She said so many guests behave horribly and end up getting ripped by fans.

Rosbach explained, “They do the same thing that the crew members do. Soon as the cameras roll, they morph into this monster.” He gave as an example of a tricky charter guest Charley Walters, who’s been on the show three times now. “I swear to God they spend every year … as soon as it gets close it seems like they all caucus together and dream up just crazy stuff that they can do to make everybody’s life more difficult,” Rosbach shared.

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Captain Lee Rosbach Said They Told Some Guests to Stop Trying to Produce the Show in the Past

Rosbach said that they had to intervene with some charter guests who were trying too hard to cause issues on the boat. “We have actually told some of the guests that, listen, stop trying to be a TV producer,” he shared with Glanville.

He said some guests are told to just enjoy their vacation, which they’ve paid for, and just be natural. “Stop trying to make those magical, memorable moments cause you’re not good at it,” he said. He told Glanville that the job of a charter guest is just to have fun on vacation and while it’s fine for them to be demanding, when they start trying to produce TV it gets to be a little too much.

He also said it can make some situations look “phony” when guests try too hard.

Eddie Lucas Recently Said That the Show Isn’t Scripted But Producers Tell Guests to Be Vocal About Issues

Eddie Lucas, who starred alongside Captain Lee on several seasons of “Below Deck,” also spoke about the charter guests on the show. He said while the show isn’t scripted, the drama is “facilitated,” and one of the ways it’s done is through the guests.

He told the Baltimore Banner that guests often “act the fool” and although that’s their choice, they’ve also been told by producers, “if you have any issues, you need to be vocal about it.”

Lucas also said that guests are told to “ask for everything” if they want, and many of them do, even if they’re only there for a handful of days. That’s where the show can differ from “real” charter guests, Lucas explained, who just want to show up and relax on vacation.

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