Captain Lee Rosbach Comments on a Possible Kate Chastain Return

Kate Chastain.

Getty Kate Chastain & Captain Lee Rosbach.

Could Kate Chastain be making a return to “Below Deck?”

While speaking with Us Weekly in an interview published on Nov. 27, Captain Lee Rosbach was asked about his former Chief Stew, and whether or not he thinks that she would ever make a comeback to the show.

“I think Kate would come back under the proper circumstances,” Rosbach explained. “I’m not sure she’d come back as a chief stew. I’d love to see her come back as a guest. I think that would be a memorable charter, to say the least.”

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During Chastain’s time on “Below Deck,” she and Rosbach grew very close. Chastain was Rosbach’s righthand man, and even though she’s no longer on the show, the two still see each other as they both live in the same area of Florida. During a November 2022 appearance on Brandi Glanville’s podcast, Chastain even described Rosbach and his wife as an “extra set of parents.”

Chastain was a Chief Stew on “Below Deck” during seasons 2 through 7.

Kate Chastain Recently Squashed Rumors That Rosbach Was Retiring

While appearing on Brandi Glanville’s podcast on Nov. 4, Chastain spoke more about her friendship with Rosbach and squashed the rumors going around that he would be exiting the franchise.

In the trailer for this upcoming season of “Below Deck,” a possible change in Lee’s role is teased, as he is seen saying, “My mind’s there, my heart’s there, my body doesn’t cooperate.” Shortly before the charter season started, Lee underwent back surgery.

“I heard a rumor that he wasn’t coming back to the show, and now he is?” Glanville asked Chastain during the podcast.

“He’s always coming back. Captain Lee will probably be on ‘Below Deck’ for as long as the show is on,” Chastain replied. “Coming up with this new season of ‘Below Deck’ airing this fall on Bravo, there is a change that happens that has never happened before on any prior seasons, and Captain Lee may or may not be a Captain some of the time.”

Captain Lee Said It’s Hard to Get His Head ‘Wrapped Around’ the Fact That ‘Below Deck’ Has Been on for 10 Seasons

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight ahead of the “Below Deck” season 10 premiere, Rosbach revealed that it was hard to believe the show has been on Bravo for so many years.

“You know, it’s difficult to get your head wrapped around it,” Rosbach told the outlet. “because I see actors and actresses and personalities that have actual talent and I just happen to be a guy that gets filmed doing his job and I don’t think that anybody expected on season 1 that it was going to explode into what it has, what? Four spinoffs? Ten years for my show and it’s just like, wow.”

During the interview, Rosbach also added about his role, “Doing the show is still fun. I still enjoy it. It seems weird sometimes when I realize that I am the only one who started this and that is still here, and I look back at all the different cast members that we have had — some I thought were really, really great. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t come back, and others? I really enjoyed giving them the boot.”

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