Captain Lee Rosbach Shares the Only Time He Regretted Doing ‘Below Deck’

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach has been the face of “Below Deck” since the very first episode 10 seasons ago and led the show to such success that it spawned four spinoff shows.

While speaking with Brandi Glanville on her podcast “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered,” Rosbach revealed the only time he ever felt regret about doing the show. “I think the only time I had any regret about it was the first five minutes when I was pulling the yacht into the slip and I saw some fifty of sixty production people all amassed on the dock waiting for me to get there so they could converge on the boat like ants,” he shared.

He said the production crew were all wearing clothes that didn’t seem like usual business attire and had piercings and tattoos and he thought to himself, “what have I gotten myself into? I’m never gonna get another job in yachting ever again.”

Rosbach then told Glanville that within five minutes of the production crew boarding the yacht, he realized he’d really misjudged them all. He explained, “I’m watching them work, and I’m watching their professional attitude and I’m going, ‘you should just go downstairs and slap yourself'” for misjudging them.

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Captain Lee Rosbach Previously Revealed That He Wasn’t Supposed to Be on ‘Below Deck’ At All

Captain Lee is an integral part of “Below Deck” but that wasn’t the initial plan, he revealed earlier in 2022. He told Elizabeth Vargas on the “Heart of the Matter” podcast that he was actually only supposed to deliver the boat in Saint Martin on behalf of the yacht owners and check up on it occasionally.

However, the captain who was brought on for “Below Deck” wasn’t experienced enough, Rosbach revealed, so the insurance company backed out of that plan. The yacht’s owners then told producers that they had to use Captain Lee or they would pull the plug on them using the yacht.

Even with that, Rosbach wasn’t supposed to appear on “Below Deck” as he told Vargas the producers initially edited him out of the episodes and tried to shoot around him. He explained that as an “old” captain, they thought he wouldn’t be as appealing to the viewers of “Below Deck.” Luckily for fans, the network didn’t like the decision to edit around Rosbach and told producers to include him in the storyline.

Captain Lee Rosbach Had to Step Away From the Job on ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 But He Said He’s Not Retired

The 10th season of “Below Deck” was a difficult one for Captain Lee as a nerve issue forced him to step away from motor yacht St. David and seek medical treatment. He’s been open about not wanting to retire and his desire to stay at the helm of “Below Deck” but in that particular season, his body wasn’t cooperating.

Captain Lee told Glanville he’s doing a lot better now and will be back on the show for the last few episodes of the season.

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