Captain Sandy Yawn Shades Captain Lee Rosbach on WWHL

Captain Sandy Yawn

NBCUMV Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Sandy Yawn is not here for the other “Below Deck” captains.

During a June 28, 2021 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Yawn shaded Captain Lee Rosbach for the way he dealt with a drunk charter guest named Dolores during the last season, after she had jumped in the water late at night after the crew told her not to. After the incident, Rosbach ended up kicking off the guest from his boat, which Yawn clearly did not approve of.

“I wasn’t there, but I would never talk to a guest like that,” Yawn said. “I just would say, I’d shine a light on them and would say ‘Would you please come in.’ I would send my crew in the water to be with them. To make sure they had fun. Because at the end of the day people swim at night. And they jump in the water when they are drunk. That’s chartering. That’s yachting. I think I would handle it a little differently.”

During her appearance, Yawn also spoke about the different managing styles that different captains had onboard, subtly snubbing her Bravo coworkers in the process. “It’s called being a charter captain not micromanaging, and Katie [Flood] can attest to this,” Yawn explained. “Charter captain’s help the crew, and that’s what we do. Our main goal is the client, and if you screw up, you’re not the captain anymore. That’s the difference. Sailing yachts are very different. They’re more laid back.”

Viewers can catch all-new episodes of this season’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Rosbach Maintains That He Is Friends With Yawn

Even though Yawn just went off on Rosbach, the “Below Deck” captain maintains that he still has a nice friendship with Yawn.

“We come from a unique industry,” Rosbach said about Yawn during a recent appearance on Talk Radio. “And she is one of the pioneers by virtue of being a female in a traditionally male-heavy industry that we work in.”

Rosbach continued, “She’s a true trailblazer. She’s led the way in and made it easier for women to break into the industry and be successful at it. And God bless her for doing it.”

One of Yawn’s Employees Admitted That the Captain Is ‘Hard To Read’

During a recent interview, one of Yawn’s newest employees on this season of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Mzi Dempers, did admit that that captain can be “hard to read” sometimes.

“I think, like you said, she’s tough but fair,” Dempers said during a June 2021 interview with Nicki Swift. “And for me, I thought that at times it was difficult to read her emotions and gauge as to where you stood with her. Which obviously makes things quite difficult, because you want to always be on your best for the captain and get an understanding.”

However, it wasn’t all bad onboard. “But at the same time, she was very understanding and gave opportunity,” Dempers said. “If she saw that you were eager to actually progress in your yachting career, should she give you opportunity and try to train you and teach you, and I don’t think you find that very often. So I think she was great.”

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