Captain Sandy Yawn Fires ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Crew Member

Sandy Yawn

Bravo Captain Sandy Yawn fired stew Camille Lamb on season 10 of "Below Deck."

The charter is over for “Below Deck” star Camille Lamb.

Captain Sandy Yawn fired Lamb on the January 16 episode of “Below Deck” after chief stew Fraser Olender caught Lamb drinking on the job. Lamb had already been warned by Yawn to stay out of trouble after getting into a fight with crew member Alissa Humber aboard the St. David.

Even though the crew was upset with Lamb, Olender had hoped he could give her one more chance.

As everyone was preparing for the next charter, Olender bumped into Lamb while she was holding a wine glass filled with champagne. “You don’t drink on the job, Camille,” he said during the episode. “Come on, babe, it’s not a holiday… Ridiculous.”

Lamb claimed she was done with her tasks and was “only human.”

“Seeing Camille come out with a pint-size glass of champagne, it just goes to show there’s truly no care or willingness to do the job,” Olender told the Bravo camera.

It’s not the first time Lamb’s worth ethic was questioned. Lamb and Humber’s fight — which took place in front of guests — started because Humber accused Lamb of slacking off. “Below Deck” fans on Reddit also accused Lamb of being “lazy.”

Olender told Lamb it wasn’t appropriate for her to take a break, especially when her cabins weren’t in order and she was drinking the guest’s champagne.

“I love the girl, I think she’s fantastic… but she’s not doing the job, and what do you do with that?” Olender said during a confessional.

After Lamb went on to party that night, Olender decided to go to Yawn — who is filling in for Captain Lee Rosbach — and told her that he was still having problems with Lamb.

“As much as I adore Camille as a person, last night was the final straw for me,” he said.

Yawn agreed it was time to let Lamb go.

“To me, I’m tired of hearing about Camille,” she said. “She’s the common denominator in all of this. Great girl, great personality, but at the same time, we have to do what’s best for the boat.”

The captain was also that Olender came to her with the problem.

Yawn broke the news to Lamb, who was shocked to find out she’d been fired.

Olender Said Lamb ‘Needed’ to Be Fired

During his appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen asked Olender to give his honest feedback on Yawn as a captain.

When Cohen asked Olender if Yawn made the right decision by firing Lamb, Olender said “it needed to be done” and “I needed that support.”

Olender — the first male chief stew on “Below Deck” — told Cohen that Yawn was “right” to say he was mismanaging Lamb before her firing. “I think all of these things were a learning curve and I needed her to kick me up the booty,” he said.

Olender and Yawn had a confrontation of their own during the charter, with Yawn scolding Olender after he interrupted Yawn’s conversation with Yawn.

Olender told Cohen “it wasn’t the time” to have that conversation. “We were mid-charter, we need to work,” he said.

Olender agreed Lamb tried to “suck up” to Yawn, but it only lasted “10 minutes” before the captain saw through her.

Olender was asked by a viewer to say “three things” Lamb was good at, but he struggled. The only thing he said was, “She looked great.”

Tony award-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth — who appeared on the “WWHL” episode with Olender, praised the chief stew. “He’s showing that you can be a boss and you don’t have to be a jerk,” she said.

Lamb Said She ‘Came Off Lazy’

Lamb didn’t immediately issue a response after she was dismissed.

During an Instagram Story in December, Lamb addressed some of the criticism she was receiving from fans.

“I’m not a bad person because I come off lazy… I have a bit of an attitude,” she said, according to a screen recording obtained by 90 Day Fiance_Stories. “I’m working on it. I’m getting better about it. Growing. But at the end of the day… I’m proud of myself. I’m not a mean girl, not a bad person, have morals, ethics, values all those things.”

Lamb finished the video by asking people to have “mercy” for her and give her some grace. “It’s a bit much,” she said, per 90 Day Fiance_Stories.

“Below Deck” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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