Fans Say Chef Adam Glick Looks ‘So Different’ in Recent Video

Chef Adam Glick

Bravo Chef Adam Glick

Chef Adam Glick was a divisive figure on “Below Deck,” appearing on two seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean” before returning for season one of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht.” The chef was involved in a lot of drama on the show but at the “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” reunion he made it clear he wanted to focus on traveling in his van and cooking on land.

Glick recently posted a video of himself cooking but it wasn’t his food that caught fans’ attention, but the length of his hair. The chef posted a reel on Instagram captioned, “Chicken parmigiana. One of my faves.” It appeared as though Glick was camping or in the wilderness somewhere for the cooking video, which can be seen below:

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Fans Ripped Glick’s Long Hair as They Said He Looked So Different But That It Wasn’t a Good Look for Him

A screenshot of Glick’s look with his long hair was shared on Reddit, where hundreds of fans shared their thoughts and roasted the chef. “Very few men can pull off that look and he is not one of them,” someone wrote. Another said, “Its…. a Choice.” Someone else said, “I am drier than the Sahara.”

Several people said, “He looks like a Baldwin.” Another replied, “Specifically Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) in the live action Flintstones.” Someone else agreed, “Looks like a creepy Stephen Baldwin.” One person wrote, “This man is a walking [red flag].” Someone commented, “Wow he looks so different… never would have recognized him.” Another Reddit wrote, “No thank you.”

One person ripped Glick, “The picture smells of pot, tomato sauce, and dirty bed.” Someone said, “All I can focus on is that plate of food And his hair is so close to that food!” Another wrote, “Weird looking Kurt Cobain from a strange angle.” Someone else said, “Living in his van look.” One person said, “I hadn’t considered that he could be even creepier.”

Someone commented, “Oh no sweetie this is not it.” Another wrote, “EWW!! Is that really him?!” Someone else said, “Just when you think he couldn’t be douchier… I’m just shocked he didn’t go with a man bun.” One person said, “He wasn’t great news to begin with, but rocking that look? Homeless Chef, not good.” Someone else wrote, “It’s the hair going into the food that grossed me out.”

Glick Is Focused on ‘Adventure Cooking’ & Is Traveling in His Van

Glick is pursuing his passion of cooking and traveling cross-country under the brand name “Adam Glick Adventure Chef.” According to his website bio, after “Below Deck,” Glick “made the transition to OutsideTV, where Adam would host his very own adventure based cooking show featuring professional athletes and outdoorsmen/woman titled ‘STOKED.'”

His website states, “Currently, Adam can still be found in front of the camera. However, now almost entirely cooking in adventurous outdoorsy settings, i.e. off a tailgate on a cliff, for a Toyota commercial.” His homepage says he’s focused on “preparing 5-star food in beautiful, remote, and off-grid locations.” Glick has a few upcoming events, including the Adventure Van Expo.

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