‘Below Deck’ Fan-Favorite Chef Reveals Whether He’ll Return to the Franchise

Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Gary King and Captain Glenn Shephard

Heavy/NBCUniversal Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Gary King and Captain Glenn Shephard

Chefs on “Below Deck” are notoriously particular and will often be either a resounding success or a complete flop in the franchise. In season 3 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” fans fell in love with Chef Marcos Spaziani right off the bat for his positive attitude and creativity in the kitchen.

Unfortunately for viewers, Spaziani recently confirmed that he won’t return to the “Below Deck” franchise in the future because the downsides of having a bad season far outweigh the benefits of having a good one. “Going back to Below Deck? That’s not gonna happen,” he told Dexerto. “It’s too risky for my career. It’s a reality show that I came out very clean, but next year, it could be the opposite. So then, the business is going to be affected.”

Spaziani, who has a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Lou’Mar with fellow chef Louis Huh, said he’d return to working on yachts outside of “Below Deck,” however. “I would go back [to working on boats],” he shared. “I love sailing. I love the ocean. You know, I’m a surfer. I’ve been in the ocean all my life. Yes, definitely, I would come back for fun. Working in boats, it’s a very lonely life. It’s great money, you travel around the world, it’s beautiful — but you’re pretty much alone all the time. You’re around a lot of people, but they’re not the people you want to be with.”

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Marcos Spaziani Said He Would Appear in a TV Show Based on Cooking & Travel

Although “Below Deck” is off the table for Spaziani, his fans have a chance to see him again on TV in the future as he said there is a different kind of show in the works. “What’s happening is, our producer is building a show for us,” he told the publication. “It’s a traveling show, and we don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s already pitched. The network, the platform like it. It’s less risky.”

“We’re going to do what we do, which is cooking,” he continued. “There’s not going to be any drama. It’s not going to be, ‘You said that, you slept with that [person].’ It’s going to be us traveling, cooking, and bringing the experience from the show to the restaurant. And the show ends here at the restaurant.” Spaziani’s partner, Chef Huh, chimed in on the interview and suggested that they could get their own sailboat to travel around and make meals for clients along the way.

Marcos Spaziani Was the Chef in Season 3 of ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’

Spaziani appeared in season 3 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” and quickly became a fan favorite due to his skill in the kitchen. He didn’t hesitate to accommodate guests’ requests for different styles of food and tastes, including a 10-course meal on one charter. In another charter, he served the guests using molecular gastronomy techniques.

In one intense moment of the season, Spaziani hit his head while leaving a refrigerator and cut off a piece of his scalp. He began bleeding as he received first aid and a doctor came on board to check out the wound. Luckily, it was a superficial cut and Spaziani went right back to the kitchen to continue preparing the dinner for the guests.

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