Southern Charm Star Ripped By Fans Over ‘Bizarre’ Behavior

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The 6th episode of “Southern Charm” season 8 saw Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell back together after their split earlier in the season, as the two attended an oyster roast at Olivia Flowers’ family home. Many fans were left confused and shocked, however, as a scene showed Ravenell playing both sides of Dennis’ feud with Naomie Olindo.

Earlier on this season of “Southern Charm,” Dennis and Ravenell broke things off after having several arguments about their relationship. The two showed up together at the oyster roast, though, and Dennis shared that they were back on and giving things another try. There might be trouble on the horizon, however, as viewers saw an awkward exchange between Ravenell and Olindo. He confided in Olindo that there were issues in the relationship and she suggested that he might want to leave if it was “toxic.”

After that conversation, Ravenell seemed to turn things around when he spoke to Dennis and said that Olindo was trying to “manipulate” him and the couple left the party soon after. Fans were quick to react to Ravenell’s behavior at the party and the “Southern Charm” newbie was ripped on social media.

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Ravenell Was Ripped for Criticizing His Relationship With Dennis to Olindo & Then Insulting Olindo to Dennis Afterward

Is Caleb second-guessing his relationship? | Season 8 | Southern CharmCaleb opens up to Naomie about his relationship; #southerncharm #hayu Subscribe to the Official Hayu Channel With hundreds of shows and thousands of episodes to binge, we’re ready to fuel your reality TV obsession. Stream the dream at With Hayu, you can literally have it all.2022-07-29T12:00:20Z

There were several threads created on Reddit reacting to Ravenell’s conversations with Olindo and Dennis and most fans slammed the “Southern Charm” newbie. One fan wrote, “That was unreal to watch him s*** talk KD to Naomi then go back to KD and call Naomi a f****** b****? Gtfo.” Someone else wrote, “He trashed Kathryn, then Naomie, and played innocent the entire time! It’s the first time I’ve agreed that he dated her for the cameras.”

One person commented, “He took it a few steps too far flaming Katherine. Naomi was left with only one option which is tell him that if he’s so unhappy then LEAVE. Chleb realized in that moment he was looking shady AF on tv so he pivoted to being team KD again. It’s pathetic and a complete rookie move.” Someone else said, “This was creepy,” while another viewer added, “That was messssssy.”

In another thread, someone asked, “I literally don’t get it. Is he a psychopath? or just dumb?” One person replied, “He completely dissed Kathryn then lied to Kathryn. So frigging weird.” Another person commented, “This was mind boggling! Dude, this is all on camera. Naomi and Kathryn probably saw that episode and thought wtf?!” One person wrote, “This scene gave me whiplash.”

Someone shared, “I think it’s manipulation. He didn’t want what he said to Naomi to get back to Kathryn so he planted the seed that Naomi was stirring the pot to preemptively make her look like the bad guy?? Idk but this whole scene threw me off.” Another wrote, “I feel like he was being a coward and was trying to avoid an argument w Kathryn for talking to Naomi by trying to talk s*** on Naomi before Kathryn can confront him about it.”

In yet another thread on Reddit, someone commented, “His whole conversation with Naomi was bizarre. He went from complaining about his girlfriend to being pissed when someone else expressed the same sentiment. I guess that’s the way it goes. What did he expect as the outcome??” Someone else wrote, “When he ran over to Kathryn and called Naomi a ‘f****** c***’ I actually said out loud ‘whoa!’It was SO weird and shady!”

Ravenell & Dennis Broke Up in the Fall of 2021 & Ravenell Shared That the 2 No Longer Speak

Ravenell and Dennis split up in the fall of 2021 and Ravenell recently revealed that the Bravo show was ultimately responsible for “speeding up” their breakup by shining a light on their problems. He told Us Weekly that they were “not so good” before season 8 began filming but thought the show might “bring us together… [But] it broke us apart.”

Ravenell said that in his opinion, their breaking point was because he felt that she didn’t appreciate him enough. “I didn’t feel like whatever I had to do mattered too much to her because of what all she was going through,” he told Us Weekly. “She didn’t have the head space to really think about what the hell I was going through, and I can’t really fault her for that, but I mean it’s her, that’s her life… it just came to a point where we just had to just break it off.”

He also shared in the same interview that the two no longer talk. “Not at all,“ he said. “It’s for the best, but I am sad because I’ve been through a lot with her.”

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