Southern Charm Star Blames Show for Split: ‘It Broke Us Apart’

Southern Charm season 8

Bravo Southern Charm season 8

The 8th season of “Southern Charm” is underway and fans are seeing OG star Kathryn Dennis’ relationship with Chleb Ravenell going through a rough patch as the two argued at Dennis’ 30th birthday party and afterward. The show was filmed in the fall of 2021 so a lot has changed since then and the two have gone their separate ways, although it remains to be seen whether their split will occur on-screen.

After the “Southern Charm” season 8 premiere, Ravenell opened up about his split from Dennis and told Us Weekly that the hit Bravo show was ultimately what caused the couple’s breakup. He said filming for the show “sped up” their split and shone a light on their issues.

Ravenell said before the 8th season of the show, he sat down with a friend and was asked how his relationship with Dennis was going. He replied that it was “not so good” but he thought “maybe [the show] will bring us together.” He added, “I’ve never been on a show before. And [Dennis’] telling me, ‘It’s gonna break us up.’ I was like, ‘Nah, nah, we’re gonna grow closer.’ [But] it broke us apart.”

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Ravenell Said He Wasn’t Feeling Appreciated in Their Relationship

Ravenell elaborated on the issues that led to their split and their breaking point, telling the publication that things changed after they moved in together. The new Bravo star said they had different “house regimens” and it was hard to adjust to being together a lot more.

When asked about their breaking point, Ravenell said he read online that it was because of Dennis’ kids but he denied that. “It wasn’t about the kids, it was me and her really,” he shared. “I don’t know if she appreciated what I really brought.” He added:

I didn’t feel like whatever I had to do mattered too much to her because of what all she was going through. She didn’t have the head space to really think about what the hell I was going through, and I can’t really fault her for that, but I mean it’s her, that’s her life… it just came to a point where we just had to just break it off.

Ravenell explained that it got to the point where they would be arguing every time they were filming season 8. “It was getting petty,” he shared. “So we were just like, ‘You know what? We should just break this off.’”

One key issue in their relationship, Ravenell told Us Weekly, is that he said Dennis wasn’t telling him about her problems. “She wasn’t telling me what she was going through,” he explained. “She was telling me she was going through like court cases and stuff where her kids and custody battles [were involved] … She wasn’t telling me about her relationships [with the cast].”

He added, “I was just coming in blind, helping her. And then it kind of just all fell on me. And when I would express my feelings to her, [her reaction] was more like, ‘Oh, you’re a grown-a** man. You should be able to handle it.’”

Ravenell Addressed Where the 2 Stand Now & Said They Don’t Talk Anymore

Ravenell told Us Weekly that he doesn’t talk to Dennis anymore. “We don’t talk. Not at all,“ he said. “It’s for the best, but I am sad because I’ve been through a lot with her.” He added, “I always wish her the best. I’m always gonna love her, just from a distance. I love Kathryn, I hope she does well, I hope her and the kids do well and eventually she will find that right guy.”

He also told Us Weekly that he wouldn’t appear on reality TV again with a partner unless he was married. “I feel like [with] reality shows and the producers, if you’re not married, then any little thing they’ll try to [break you up],” he said. “But if you’re married then … you have such a strong bond. I don’t think the producers or any of that would actually come after that.”

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating about Dennis’ dating life after she was pictured on a night out with a mystery man recently.

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