Fans Share Concerns for Stassi Schroeder Because of Photos From Wedding Trip

Stassi Schroeder

Getty Stassi Schroeder

Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder and her husband Beau Clark traveled to Rome, Italy, to have their second wedding on May 12, 2022. The couple previously had an intimate ceremony in 2020 before the birth of their 1-year-old daughter, Hartford. 

On May 11, 2022, Schroeder uploaded a series of pictures taken during her Italy trip on Instagram. The photos showed the former Bravo personality wearing a floral tube top and beige pants. She accessorized with sunglasses, silver rings, and a pair of stud earrings. The mother of one held her daughter, who was holding a piece of pizza. 

“The Beaut Beaut & her pizza. A series,” read the caption. 

Fans Commented on the Instagram Post

Several commenters shared that they were concerned about Schroeder in the post’s comments section.  

“I adore you… I am old, so i am going to ask you, have you always been this thin?? Seeing so many bones concerns me.. 😘❤️,” shared an Instagram user.

“Baby girl. Your so thin! Please don’t waste away. It’s not worth it. You’re beautiful, put some lbs back on. Love U!” added another

“Boo! You look so skinny. Please take of yourself,” wrote a different person

“Beautiful photo stassi but you are loosing too much weight be careful ❤️,” commented a fan

“Stassi you have lost to much weight. You are a beautiful woman and I hope you see that when you look in the mirror. Please don’t lose anymore weight,” wrote another

“PLEASE eat some pasta over there!!! Love you but you are getting waaaaaay to skinny, looks unhealthy actually, worried about you!!❤️,” chimed in a sixth social media user.

Stassi Schroeder Spoke About Her Second Wedding in April 2022

Schroeder spoke about her decision to have her second wedding ceremony in Italy on her friend Taylor Strecker’s podcast, “Taste of Taylor Strecker” in April 2022. She explained that she and her husband had intended on filming their wedding for “Vanderpump Rules.” She also shared that she and Clark “went wedding location scouting” with a Bravo producer in Italy after their 2019 engagement.  

“We had to pick locations, hotels, all that were willing to sign off filming, I couldn’t just pick whatever venue I wanted,” said the former Bravo star. 

She went on to say that most locations were not “willing to film,” which limited their choices.  

“All of our first choices and things like that Beau and I would have picked like we couldn’t have because it was supposed to be on ‘Vanderpump Rules,’” stated the mother of one. 

As fans are aware, their wedding was not aired on “Vanderpump Rules,” as Schroeder was let go from the hit Bravo series “after her past racially insensitive remarks resurfaced” in June 2020, per Us Weekly. However, according to Schroeder, she and Clark “got locked in to all of these locations.” While speaking to Strecker, she also shared that the couple initially wanted 100 people at their wedding in Italy but significantly downsized their guest list. 

“What Beau says, he’s like, ‘it’s like we’re having a picnic at Sofi Stadium.’ He’s like ‘we’re only having a 35 person wedding now at the most giant, large Roman estate. We might as well be getting married at the colosseum with In-N-Out burgers.’ That’s pretty much what it’s going to be like,” quipped Schroeder.

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